Handling JSON with jQuery

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a way to store information in an organized manner. It is the preferred data-interchange format as its shorter, lightweight, human-readable and requires no tags like XML. This allows faster processing and transmission, and also the serializing and deserializing becomes much faster when compared to XML. JSON returned via REST APIs […]
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The 10 best jQuery video plugins

jQuery is one of the simplest HTMLs to handle JavaScript. It allows users to compress long codes into one simple line. Its wide variety of plugins can also make adding video to websites easier as well. Video plugins help users to complete tasks quickly with ease. Here are the 10 best video jQuery plugins, which […]
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10 Very useful jQuery cookie plugins

Since May of 2012, site developers have needed to get the permission of users before imposing any cookie on them, as directed by the European Union e-privacy policy. Handling these cookies can be a tedious job at times. However, there are  jQuery plugins which help developers deal with cookies. The following are few of the […]
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8 Awesome jQuery Image Rotation Plugins

E-Commerce Websites have become really popular with consumers who now don't have to leave the house to shop. Using jQuery plugins to develop websites that can allow consumers to view every angle of a product can generate more business. The plugins don’t require changes but if they are needed, there are suitable tutorials available to […]
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14 Useful jQuery Plugins for Creating Sticky Elements

Sticky elements are a fun way of improving the navigation and display ads on a web page. The sticky elements and headers make it easy to reach the menu without having to scroll to it every time. These sticky elements can be created on a web page with the help of CSS but the process […]
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Latest Free jQuery Plugins

Web developers have become more resourceful and work faster with jQuery which are simple to use instruments. These jQuery are simple to use and are a no fuss instruments. Since they are written in open source code, they are free and come with tutorials. jQuery are simple Java script libraries written to simply tasks by […]
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