Latest Free jQuery Plugins

Web developers have become more resourceful and work faster with jQuery which are simple to use instruments. These jQuery are simple to use and are a no fuss instruments. Since they are written in open source code, they are free and come with tutorials. jQuery are simple Java script libraries written to simply tasks by keeping the web page light and attractive. They come in all forms, from text size to different fonts, animation, creating different borders and giving audio and video files on the web page.

Here are some of the latest jQuery Plugins.

1. Bootstrap News Box

This is a jQuery and Bootstrap 3 based plugin designed to ease scrolling of a page up and down. It creates a clean responsive news ticker/slider to vertically scroll the HTML content with autoplay and up/down navigation support.


2. Date Range picker

This jQuery plugin will allow users to select a date range. It is fully CSS styled and supports all the major browsers easily with different languages.


3. Hero Slider

It is very common for web designers to give details about a company or data on a slide on the intro page. Hero Slider is a ready to use jQuery Slider with built in options like video background, text alignment or image display.


4. Overlapping letters

Overlapping letters adds span tags to letters using a java script. It is very small code and thus easy to place in mother code.


5. Wipe Slider

Wipe Slider is a jQuery plugin that creates a moving rotating slider with wipe effect using a background cover and putting it in center. You can mention the animation duration and the mode.


6. jQuery Chat

It is a jQuery plugin to add a chat module on your web page. It will create a realtime chat box just like gtalk or facebook chat.


7. jQuery Image Player

It is a plugin that will create an image based player with absolute feel of video player. It has an option of applying slide effect. You can also specify if once the images are finished then restart it.


8. jQMeter

It is a simple method to display the progress meter in any direction you would want. It could be horizontal or vertical. Just pass in the goal and amount raised or completed and the rest is all optional.


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