10 Very useful jQuery cookie plugins

Since May of 2012, site developers have needed to get the permission of users before imposing any cookie on them, as directed by the European Union e-privacy policy. Handling these cookies can be a tedious job at times. However, there are  jQuery plugins which help developers deal with cookies. The following are few of the best jQuery cookies plugins which are bound to make life easier for developers.

1. jQuery CookieBar

jQuery CookieBar is one of the simplest jQuery plugins available on the internet. It allows users to create a small notification bar on the top or bottom of a website. Users can easily dismiss the bar if required. It also provides the bar with some information about the cookie along with accept, privacy policy, and decline buttons.

2. jQuery Cookie

If you are looking for a jQuery tool that will help you to create cookies, and implementing them, then jQuery Cookie would be your perfect choice. This is a very light weight plugin that helps with writing, reading and deleting cookies with ease. It also allows various cookie options which developers can use to meet their requirements.

3. CookieCuttr

CookieCuttr is a huge help when it comes to implementation of EU Cookies. This plugin allows for the tailoring of the specific cookies which need to be implemented. This in turn makes for easy integration and ensures that a website site stores the cookies which are essential and discards the unnecessary ones. The WordPress compatibility offered by the plugin is of immense help.

4. Cookies.js

Do you want a jQuery cookies plugin with minimal effects? Then you must try out Cookies.js. This small plugin is a side client of JavaScript. Although it has a small variant, it allows developers to customize their cookies in many ways including the expiration date, its encoding and attributes.

5. CookieConsent

CookieConsent is probably the smallest yet one of the most popular jQuery cookie plugins that is available in the market today. Being an open source plugin, it is available for free and can be customized according to the needs of users. Developers can use the built in themes that come with the 3.5 k plugin or can use CSS to produce custom changes.

6. Zebra Cookie

Don’t be intimidated by the small size of this plugin. Zebra Cookie offers a blast in a small package. It simplifies the job of managing cookies with JavaScript by allowing simple writing, reading and deleting. The jQuery cookie plugin is also perfectly compatible with jQuery.

7. jQuery CookieBar Plugin

jQuery CookieBar Plugin allows users to create notification bars pretty much anywhere on the web page. It also provides the bar with information about the cookie and buttons for acceptingand declining. Once a user chooses what they want to do, it simply sides up and disappears from the page.

8. jCookies

When it comes to setting HTTP cookies, jCookies has no match. It makes the process as smooth as silk. The cookies created by this plugin store data in the form of JSON. It also allows the storage of multiple types of data which ranges from strings to arrays to objects and much more.

9. Divas Cookies

One of the simplest yet most elegant jQuery cookie plugin available, Divas Cookies is an immense help when it comes to the application of the EU cookie policy and the addition of banners compliant with the same. It also helps in the easy customization of the cookies that are being used so that developers can match it with the look and feel of the website.

10. Cookie Guard

Cookie Guard basically protects websites from unwanted cookies. It informs users of any new cookies. The jQuery plugin allows developers to allow or block a particular cookie on the basis of the need. Users can allow the essential cookies and block the ones which are of no use to them.

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