8 Awesome jQuery Image Rotation Plugins

E-Commerce Websites have become really popular with consumers who now don't have to leave the house to shop. Using jQuery plugins to develop websites that can allow consumers to view every angle of a product can generate more business.

The plugins don’t require changes but if they are needed, there are suitable tutorials available to help with the process. JQuery plugins are very small in size so they don’t eat up lot of space. They are extremely fast and provide additional effects.

With so many jQuery available let’s discuss some of them which will help in displaying the 360 degree image view of the products.

1. jQuery Image Cube

This plugin will rotate the face if image as if it were on each side of the cube. Designers can choose the rotation, effects, links, 3D effects and various other options. In 3D effects, highlights and shadows are used to enhance the image. Designers can decide the time lag between each rotation and even kill the rotation.


2. Draggable 360 Degrees j360

This jQuery plugin is good for e-commerce websites that want to display a 3D image of the product. It is a touch-friendly plugin which will drag/swipe/rotate the 3D image.


3. 360 Slider

This plugin is highly customizable and displays the complete 360 degree image of the product. The features include smooth animation, it's easy to integrate, no flash, various option parameters to customize the image and support for touch devices.


4. Flip

This jQuery plugin will flip the element in question in all four directions. Users can choose from left, right, bottom and top to flip the image. Designers can define the background color, direction, speed, Animation or finish and start of the flip.


5. Dopeless Rotate

This is jQuery plugin offers modern design and has the ability to use multiple instances on a single page.  There is also a preloader for zoomed images which shows the progress of image that is loading. It also offers support for touch devices and has configurable hotspots.


6. SpriteSpin

SpriteSpin is a JQuery plugin which will turn images into animations. It will take an array of images and then place them frame by frame like a flip book. This is highly customizable with power to control the entire animation.


7. Reel

This is a very simple JQuery for 360 degree object movement, panorama or animation. The animation can be rotation or any aerial motion. It is flash free and supports use by touch and by mouse. It is a well documented and transparent small code.

8. Ajax Zoom

This tool is perfect for e-commerce websites that want to allow customers to spin the product in 3D and Z axis.  The adoption of image tiles technology allows utilizing high resolution images without compression rates.

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