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Best jQuery Plugins for E-commerce Website

A close relationship with technology created an ideal environment for E-commerce (electronic commerce) to evolve, make big steps and become one of the most promising business branches. Among the main reasons, responsible for the success of this relationship, there are five that are most prominent and influential. Communication with clients, operative efficiency, security, work assistance, and […]
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10 jQuery Mobile Slider plugins

Collection of 10 Awesome jQuery mobile/ responsive slider plugins. We all know that mobile site or a responsive site has become a must have thing and how important images and content sliders are for a responsive website. So find a complied list of 10 awesome, free and ready to use jQuery plugins for creating mobile […]
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10 Awesome Mobile Menu plugins and tutorials

Collection of 10 Awesome Mobile Menu plugins and tutorials. Due to high usage of smartphones, creating mobile apps, mobile site or responsive site has become a must have thing which helps to expand the customer base. Create mobile specific site or responsive site is a challenging things due to presence of different mobile OS, different […]
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Write Mobile Device specific code using jQuery

Believe me, a mobile application developer life is not easy. The war of different mobile platforms, different operating systems, different screen size for mobile and tablets and frequent releases of new devices are biggest challenge that they are facing. And their mobile application will be dying in ICU, if not treated and handled against the […]
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Awesome jQuery Mobile Plugins

In era of smartphones, mobile website/application has become demand of every industry. With this growing demand of mobile apps, the jQuery Mobile library has also become very popular and first choice for creating mobile apps. Earlier I had posted about Writing your first jQuery Mobile app - Part 1 and series of articles on jQuery […]
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5 jQuery Image Viewer Plugin for Mobile

Collection of 5 jQuery Image viewer plugins which can be used for showing images on mobile devices. PhotoSwipe Glisse.js Galleria Mobile Photo Album JQuery plugin Touch Gallery Feel free to contact me for any help related to jQuery, I will gladly help you.
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