Awesome jQuery Mobile Plugins

In era of smartphones, mobile website/application has become demand of every industry. With this growing demand of mobile apps, the jQuery Mobile library has also become very popular and first choice for creating mobile apps.

Earlier I had posted about Writing your first jQuery Mobile app - Part 1 and series of articles on jQuery Mobile and about 5 jQuery Image Viewer Plugin for Mobile. In this post, find the most widely used and amazing jQuery mobile plug-ins for developing mobile based applications and websites.

Mobiscroll - [Paid]

Mobiscroll is a complete product with lots of controls/plugins for your mobile app like Calendar, color picker, range picker, rating plugin and many more. The controls are cross platform, Themable and have multi framework support. They provide 30 days trial period for satisfaction.

Mobi Pick

Mobi Pick is an Android-style datepicker widget for jQuery Mobile. It uses the date library XDate and allows progressive enhancement for date input fields using Modernizr.

Google maps jQuery Mobile plugin

The Google Map version 3 plugin for jQuery and jQM takes away some of the head aches from working with the Google Map API. Instead of having to use Google event listeners for simple events like click, you can use jQuery click events on the map and markers. It is also very flexible, highly customizable, lightweight (3.2kB or 3.9kB for the full) and works out of the box with jQuery mobile.


PhotoSwipe is a FREE HTML/CSS/JavaScript based image gallery specifically targeting mobile devices.Developers and designers requiring an interactive image gallery on their mobile website with the look and feel of a native app. PhotoSwipe provides your visitors with a familiar and intuitive interface allowing them to interact with images on your mobile website.


Pagination is a jQuery Mobile plugin for sequential pagination between pages with support for touch, mouse, and keyboard! The Pagination plugin creates touch-drag navigation between separate HTML pages.

Camera Slideshow

Camera slideshow is an open source project and it can be used for slideshows and as a content slider. Camera slideshow is tested on new browsers and it works on mobile devices as well.


DateBox is a jQueryMobile plugin that aims to make user interaction with dates and times simple and intuitive. It is a colloborative work, with a full range of features allowing easy implementation, and painless extensibility. This plugin allows date selection, time selection and duration selection. And the selection widget can appear like Flip box, Slide box.

960 Grid on jQuery-Mobile

jQuery-mobile-960 is a port of 960 grid to jQuery mobile. It merge the flexibility of, and the ease of jQuery mobile. It aims to bring more flexibility to jQuery mobile layout and thus make it easier to use on tablets.


bxSlider is fully responsive, with touch / swipe support plugin to show slides can contain images, video, or HTML content. It uses CSS transitions for slide animation (native hardware acceleration!)


SwipeButton is a jQuery Mobile plugin which allows developers to add iPhone style buttons to listview rows by attaching to the swipe event.


This is a plugin for jQuery Mobile that detects your device's browser width and renders pages accordingly - e.g. splitview for desktop and tablets, and standard jqm for mobile phones.

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