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Top and Best jQuery tips and tricks

jQuery has already become very popular and it is a must for every web developer. But with it's popularity, it is pretty important for any developer to use it efficiently and intelligently. It is important to know some tips and tricks as they save most important part of any software, that is human effort. In this […]
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Ignored powerful shortcuts of jQuery

Many developers ignore shortcuts and power of jQuery and I myself being a victim of some of the useful, handy but yet ignored shortcuts of jQuery. These are not some advance or complex shortcuts but I guess these are used a lot. Consider, below jQuery code lines. $("#elm").css("display", "none"); //Line 1 $("#elm").css("display", ""); //Line 2 […]
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ASP.NET GridView + jQuery Tips and Tricks

Find ASP.NET GridView and jQuery tips and tricks which can make this control more effective and user friendly. These tips and tricks will help to make this control look more elegant and also allows you to do searching and filtering on client side using jQuery. Related Post: Download ASP.NET GridView & jQuery Tips and Tricks […]
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5 Essential Graphic Design Tips for Your Small Business

One of the significant ways entrepreneurs grow their business is through advertising. Today, most companies have shifted from traditional modes of advertisement to modern advertising, which mainly involves visuals. You have probably seen signage displays in the city of most large companies which are globally recognized. Fortunately, graphic design offers a fair competing ground between […]
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Why Technical Education Is Necessary Nowadays

For the longest time, formal education was mostly associated either with humanities or with fields like engineering, medicine, and mathematics. The idea one got when hearing the expression “an educated person” usually involved somebody sitting in an office somewhere and doing purely intellectual work. As a result, technical education – that is, education in the […]
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All You Need To Know About Web Accessibility

We’ve heard many developers and designers talking about web accessibility for a while, however, it’s not that rare that you encounter a website that is performing poorly due to various reasons. Some websites are not created for users with limitations and disabilities in mind, others depend heavily on a fast internet connection to load all […]
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