Five mobile app development trends in 2023

Mobile app development has emerged as a full-fledged industry. Despite occasional waxing and waning of some numbers, the industry continues to grow at a remarkable pace. Every business, organization and institution wants to create an app for its users and give them the convenience they demand and desire. However, as you go ahead and pursue […]
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How to Use Google Analytics with jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is an HTML5 based web-page framework that's optimized for touch -- so it's perfect for using to make responsive web pages and websites that will look great and work phenomenally on mobile devices and tablets. The framework is also optimized for performance. It typically has a very fast page load time, because each […]
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Awesome jQuery Plugins for Your Mobile Website

Having a mobile website is must and it needs to be regularly updated to include new features with new animations. So in this post, find a compiled list of awesome jQuery plugins for your mobile website to create sliders, random password generators, creating numeric pads, slide and swipe menus, unlock and many other mobile related […]
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10 jQuery Plugins to Create a Hamburger Icon

A hamburger menu has become the way to display a navigation menu on mobile devices. It has the look & feel of an options menu that can be seen recently in all kind of modern native smartphone apps. Via jQuery plugins and CSS capabilities, you can integrate them with any website. So in this post, […]
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JavaScript Mobile Libraries for Your Next Projects

Here is the collection of JavaScript Mobile Libraries that are useful to accomplish various tasks such as touch events, touch sliders, vibrations, swiping and many more. You can download them instantly and use for your mobile projects quickly with less efforts. Please share your feedback with us by posting a comment below. Enjoy !! 1. […]
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jQuery Touch Swipe Image Gallery Plugins

Nowadays everyone asks for responsive web applications that can smoothly run on smart devices like smart phones, tablets, etc. Responsive websites not only increase business for website owners but also grab decent exposure through mobile users. For this roundup we have gathered some of the best jQuery touch swipe image gallery plugins that will help […]
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