Awesome jQuery Plugins for Your Mobile Website

Having a mobile website is must and it needs to be regularly updated to include new features with new animations. So in this post, find a compiled list of awesome jQuery plugins for your mobile website to create sliders, random password generators, creating numeric pads, slide and swipe menus, unlock and many other mobile related stuff. These plugins are very lightweight and easy to use.

1. Image Compare


Images Compare is a responsive, touch-enabled jQuery image comparison plugin which enables the user to compare two images (after/before) with a slider

2. swipeslider


swipeslider is a responsive, touch-friendly jQuery content slider / carousel plugin that uses CSS3 transitions and transforms for smooth sliding animations.

3. SlideUnlock


slideUnlock is a jQuery plugin to create an iOS / Android style 'Slide To Unlock' control which triggers a custom event when you slide the handle to the right side.

4. Bway Image Slider


Bway Image Slider is a simple, easy-to-use jQuery plugin for creating a responsive, touch-compatible image slider for both desktop and mobile websites.

5. NumPad


NumPad is a flexible touch-optimized numeric keypad for web applications based on jQuery. One of the best things about jQuery numPad is that it can easily fit into most UI frameworks using jQuery by merely setting a few templates! The numeric keypad can be used to fill inputs, password fields, general div-elements or entire table columns. Works perfectly with any frameworks such as jQuery mobile, Bootstrap and much more.

6. hiSlider


hiSlider.js is a simple, responsive, mobile-friendly jQuery image slider plugin that supports flexible layout, touch events and comes with lots of customization options.

7. textmagnifier


textmagnifier is an amplification jQuery plugin that creates a text magnifier effect on input field for enlarging text typed by users on small screen devices.

8. MultiModal


MultiModal is a lightweight, flexible jQuery plugin used to create beautiful, performant modal windows & dialog boxes for both desktop and mobile.

9. Password Generator

Password Generator

A password generator web app built with jQuery and jQuery mobile which allows the visitor to generate a secure password with custom patterns for mobile.

10. Slide and Swipe Menu

Slide and swipe menu

A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin used to create a mobile-first sliding off-canvas menu that uses jQuery touchSwipe library for touch events support.

Responsive Menu
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