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Best Tips to Learn jQuery

jQuery is a programming script that runs on a browser, and it is a JavaScript library. When you learn it, the concept is to expand your knowledge of the system and the libraries, so it really isn’t that hard to grasp if you already use the other known programs.  Image: Unsplash There are several benefits […]
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Tips for Students on How to Do Math in JavaScript with Operators

Mathematics lies at the heart of just about everything in programming. Understanding how to implement mathematical principles into JavaScript is necessary for building a functioning platform that performs its intended usage. Many of even the most basic tasks that JavaScript is used for involve creating a mathematical output - such as calculating graphics ratios, arriving […]
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Common utility methods of jQuery

jQuery provides several inbuilt utility methods. These utility methods uses $.namespace and they are very useful and handy for your routine programming tasks. I have put together some common jQuery Utility methods to make your programming routine easy and can save your valuable time. $.isArray(Object): Returns true if the object is an array. //Code Starts […]
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What happens to event when you clone element using jQuery

jQuery has a method called "clone()". As the name suggests, it creates a exact copy of the element. The .clone() method performs a deep copy of the set of matched elements, meaning that it copies the matched elements as well as all of their descendant elements and text nodes. As for example, I have defined […]
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jQuery is() method explained

jQuery ".is()" is a filtering method which can be used to check the current element or set of element against a selector, elements, a jquery object or a function. It return true if there is at least one match from the given argument. Let me put this in simple term with an example. Suppose you […]
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jQuery.isNumeric in jQuery 1.7

As mentioned in my previous post that jQuery 1.7 is released and ready to use. With jQuery 1.7, a new function is introduced which is called "isNumeric()". This is a very handy and small utility introduced in 1.7.As the name of the function clearly suggest that it checks whether the passed value is numeric or […]
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