Top 5 Business Catalogs Where You Should Register Your IT Company

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Consider adding your company to business catalogs to boost your brand awareness and expand your customer base. In this article, we'll tell you about how business catalogs work, how you can benefit from them and how to choose the best one.

What Is a Business Catalog?

It's a catalog of reliable companies that belong to a specific niche or several niches that have points of contact. The profile of each organization can include the following details:

  • Name
  • Specialization
  • Year of establishment
  • Number of employees
  • Names of top managers
  • Number of cases in the portfolio
  • Contact details

The scope of available data might vary from one company to another.

Some catalogs allow entrepreneurs to add their businesses for free. Others charge a fee. Similarly, some catalogs are free for viewers, while others make all the information or a part of it available only to premium users.

When a person needs a company to complete a specific task (for instance, build a mobile app or a website), they will check business catalogs to detect the best web developers or other services company. Use this chance to boost the visibility of your brand!

7 Reasons for Registering Your Company in a Business Catalog

After you register your business in a catalog, you'll get more clients. Plus, your website's traffic will grow thanks to backlinks from catalogs and its position in search engine results will improve. Let's briefly analyze the primary benefits of using business catalogs.

It Becomes Easier for New Clients to Find You

Ads, social networks and search engines lack quality assurance tools. Only business catalogs feature companies that have proved their expertise and credibility.

Increase People's Confidence in Your Business

Not only clients but also colleagues, competitors, industry experts and potential partners will trust you more. They will see that you are serious about your business and ways of promoting it.

Boost Third Parties' Engagement with Your Business

The more familiar the brand seems to people, the more eager they will be to interact with it. When they think of your industry, your company will come to their mind. When they need a consultation, they will be likely to reach out to you.

Your Profile Will Be Displayed in Search Results

Users who might be interested in your services will get a chance to assess the basic information about your company at a glance. They will be motivated to place an order with you.

Strengthen Your Internet Presence

The more high-authority websites provide backlinks to your site, the higher its position in search engine results and the more traffic it gets. Business catalogs are among the most coveted sources of backlinks.

Improve Local Visibility

Business catalogs filter companies by geographical location. When people will be looking for business from your area, they will quickly come across you.

Enhance Your Brand Awareness

In business catalogs, your brand will be mentioned alongside the names of your industry leaders. That will emphasize the fact that you all meet the same quality standards. This is especially important for smaller companies and brands that have just begun to take off.

How to Make the Most of a Business Catalog?

An ideal catalog for your company should include businesses from your niche and geographical location. When deciding which organizations to accept, the platform should rely on a list of clear and measurable criteria. It's essential that company owners and their potential clients have access to these criteria to understand the logic behind the catalog. The interface of the system has to be intuitive and its support team should be ready to answer its users' questions. Additionally, having access to a business insolvency service can provide essential support and advice for companies facing financial difficulties, helping them navigate challenges and maintain stability.

A good catalog includes hundreds of businesses and is very well structured. You should be able to sort and filter the data to find the companies you need with minimum effort.

Top 5 Business Catalogs for IT Companies

Below, we'll share the names and the brief characteristics of the top 5 business catalogs for IT companies that it would be wise to register in.

It's a B2B marketplace for finding agencies that has an agency directory. It features over 10,000 verified agencies from dozens of industries and thousands of customer reviews. On the marketplace, you can find clients. They upload short descriptions of their projects there and specify the budget.

This platform helps B2B tech companies find and promote software products and services. Its catalog includes over 110,000 organizations and software. Nearly all business catalogs have blogs with informative articles — but also contains over 2,000 researches and surveys as well as over 1,000 books and whitepapers.

This one takes the guesswork out of the B2B service provider selection process with the help of the data-driven model that measures real credibility indicators. Every month, 1.5 million businesses visit this platform.

It's a sister website of Clutch that is focused on B2B research, ratings, and reviews. To join it, you need to sign up to Clutch according to the guidelines on the Visual Objects website. This platform allows you to showcase your creative portfolio to prospective clients.

This is not just another list of IT companies but a whole ecosystem of digital businesses. It relies on smart and unique algorithms and scoring systems. shares only verified data. When customers search for companies, AI-based recommendation algorithms suggest the best options to them. Such an approach encourages honest competition among companies and enables them to understand which aspects of their work they might want to improve to perform better. This platform welcomes not only directors and top managers but novice specialists as well.

To join, you should leave your contacts details and the catalog's representative will get in touch with you within 15 minutes.

Which Information Should I Add to My Company's Profile?

When filling in your company's profile in a business catalog, it would be wise to include as much useful data as possible, without leaving any fields blank. Let others know about your history, mission, values, products, target audience and competitive edges. Use lists and subheadings to make the information more logical and easier to perceive.

Does It Make Sense to Register in Other Catalogs?

On the Internet, you can find dozens of other catalogs. Some of them might be not 100% focused on your niche but have themed sections for your industry. There are no limitations on the number of catalogs that you can join. Feel free to sign up for any of them that you find relevant for your company.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this article informative and now you better understand the mission and benefits of business catalogs. Consider registering your company on platforms that are focused on brands from your industry and geographical location. Catalogs will make it easier for new clients to find you. They will increase people's confidence in your business and strengthen third-parties' engagement with it. Catalogs can improve your Internet presence and enhance your brand awareness. Your local visibility will improve and your profile will be displayed in search results. The top five catalogs for IT companies that you should pay attention to are,,, and The latter seems to be particularly noteworthy because it's an extensive ecosystem of digital businesses that shares only verified information and relies on AI-based algorithms.

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