5 best carousel Jquery plugins for 2020

5 best carousel Jquery plugins for 2020:

It’s needless to say that a boring an plain web page will never catch an audience's attention. Of course, we all know holding a user’s attention is crucial on a webpage, especially nowadays when the average attention span is 8 seconds

This ultimately calls for a significant interface component, perhaps  something that can display images, video and visuals quickly in order to keep our visitor’s attention. 

A carrousel is the perfect interface that will allow videos, images, other content to be displayed in a continuous loop interactively.

Luckily for us, instead of custom code and progamming complex carrousels from scratch, we can use carousel plugins for jQuery to do the work effortlessly.

A carousel is referred to as one of the most popular components of UI in modern web design. It allows you to present products, images, blog posts, and other types of content in an infinitely rotating interface.

These featured plugins for jQuery carousel will allow you to make a carousel slideshow equipped with both basic and additional features.

For example, some of these features include lightbox, vertical and horizontal features, PSD and Autoplay with the ticker, etc. Of course, without saying, these plugins also provide support for video and image elements, and with these, there are embedded Vimeo videos, YouTube, and more elements.

Carousels are developed by using the plugins in order to  add them and positione them anywhere on the homepage.

“If you want to download the sliders, you can get them from GitHub or even purchase them through Fromget."


Download Free UtilCarousel Responsive jQuery Carousel Plugin - Download  Free Themes

With UtilCarousel, you can have multiple options for navigation like drag, touch, pagination, mouse wheel, etc.

It also supports lazy image loading in long web pages, making sure to give the web page an ideal responsive layout.

Hence, it can be viewed on any device screen. The best feature, however, is the clear documentation, making real-time usage effortless.

The starting price of this plugin is $10. The Features include;

  • 7 callback functions

  • 8 developer APIs

  • 9+ already built-in customizable templates

  • Touch-enabled for mobile and desktop both 

  • Lightbox also enables Vimeo videos, images, and YouTube videos.


Everslider - Responsive jQuery Carousel Plugin by flGravity | CodeCanyon

Every slider is a jQuery plugin that is conflict-free and compliments the JSHint tool.

It is very responsive and can recognize the mouse wheel, keyboard interactions, and touch swipes. 

It can also allow you to create carousels of the most recent featured work or blog posts, this is great if you have a portfolio website. If you’re looking to spruce up your portfolio website check out these plugins. 

There are also three carousel modes and 30 configuration options and also autoplay with a ticker. 

This plugin uses the hardware of CSS3 for various animations with the fallback to jQuery itself. 

The price of this plugin is $8 for six months. With this plugin, you get the following features:

  • A fade effect, which allows you to put the delay in between animations of singular slides

  • Photoshop document support is also provided to ensure the quality of high pixel imagery

  • This plugin is very compatible with the Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE7+ versions for both the iPhone and Android.

  • It is very lightweight and allows you to add unlimited slides 

JSON Slider, Carousel, Timeline:

jQuery jSon Slider, Carousel & Timeline Plugin - Tutsplanet

This plugin is multipurpose and very responsive, allowing you to create sliders, testimonials, tabs, carousels, and a timeline. We also mention some other great timeline plugins here. If that’s what you’re interested in. 

It also allows you to have scalable sliders too, which can have a fixed width or can be set up to be full screen.

Sliders are very fast and don't make you wait around in compromise to the webpage loading time.

Ultimately, there are unique sorting options present in the plugin carousel, providing you with different options like the bullets, HTML in pagination, and thumbnails.

The starting price is $13 for six-month support. The Features packed inside the plugin are:

  • You can search inside the slide, which is totally unique.

  • There are 4 different types of animation options, like the after-CSS animation, after jQuery Animations, Smooth CSS animation, and jQuery Animation.

  • The slider can be converted to the infinity loop by simply slide circulation.

  • It also allows you to use HTML videos and YouTube videos in the slides

jQuery Carousel Evolution:

jQuery Carousel Evolution by themekiosk | CodeCanyon

Image configuration in the carousel is very crucial, and this plugin allows the managing of size in back and front images.

You can also handle the positions or set the number of scroll images.

Furthermore, you can customize the option of autoplay to enhance the slider header impact.

Unique multiple carousels can be created for a single web page with this type of plugin. You can also add a text description to brief visitors about the image.

The starting price is $5. With this plugin, you will have features like:

  • There are 9 various styles of carousels.

  • In case you want more 3D effects, then you can give reflection or shadow effects to the image itself.

  • It also offers you the public API to provide complete control over various components inside the slider.

  • For ideal mouse control, a smooth scroll through the slider is present.

Agile Carousel:

Js Tutorial - Agile Carousel

With the help of an Agile Carousel, you can create a slideshow or carousel easily.

It also uses the popular data format known as JSON to provide you with simple integration.

The integration is with the data externally as well. It also provided you with the horizontal and vertical content buttons, which are triggered whenever there is a mouseover on them. 

The multiple slides which are visible come with three different slides with the fading transitions and sliding.

This plugin is completely free, and the features include:

  • A better setup, which is customizable using a feature known as control sets.

  • It also provides you with different buttons like numbered, circle, play, pause, previous, next.

  • The slideshow is provided with the fade transition and timer.

“In case you want more of jQuery carousel plugins, you can simply read the article on wpshopmart."

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