3 Best jQuery Books for Beginners


3 Best jQuery Books for Beginners

jQuery arguably the best JavaScript library which is open source. It has completely changed client-side web development, taking it further than just using JavaScript, HTML or CSS. Apart from supporting almost all modern browsers, JQuery has a vast range of access to the DOM programming interface, ultimately allowing you a much massive element selection and manipulation based around the name of elements and its attributes.

As jQuery popularity started to rise, it became inevitable for web developers to take advantage of and learn jQuery.

It is considered the turning point in modern or futuristic web programming that simplifies HTML client-side scripting. So naturally, many developers want to learn JQuery. 

Books are always a great way to learn- and perhaps the best way to learn jQuery for beginners is with these great book recommendations. In this article, we will provide you with the top 3 best books for beginners looking to learn jQuery.

E-books are also a great way to learn, and if you’re into that kind of thing we have a great one to recommend here.

Reading jQuery and becoming an expert from a single book is typically not recommended so, you should take into consideration reading a couple of books about jQuery.  Therefore, we have compiled three of the most popular books for beginners about jQuery and hope you enjoy!

“Aside from jQuery, if you want to learn more about JavaScript as a developer, our suggestion is medium.com


Head First jQuery:

Read Head First jQuery Online by Ryan Benedetti and Ronan Cranley | Books

“You can find this book on Amazon."

Head First jQuery is a series for learning jQuery with a couple of different titles like the Headfirst design pattern.

There is a lot of fantastic stuff in this book! The most unique among them being the quality of exercises, which is not present in other books concerning jQuery. This book revolves around real-life projects that are very practical examples to learn from. This is very much similar to doing real-time work while following the book.

Apart from jQuery, you will also learn and refine CSS and HTML. This book also promotes best practices around HTML documents and cascading style sheets.

Besides providing specific knowledge, you will come by interesting questions, puzzles, fireside talks, and ‘headfirst’ ways to teach essential concepts. This book also provides you with the essential details about jQuery, which you can follow along with, for quick learning.

Essentially, it is a must-read for learning jQuery if you are a beginner who is somewhat familiar with CSS, HTML, and a small amount of JavaScript.

This book deals mainly with;

  • How you can navigate the DOM 

  • You can use jQuery functions for different purposes, like creating on-page visual effects and various animations, building forms or handling other events, etc. 

  • How you can write AJAX applications

  • How you can leverage the power of HTML and CSS seamlessly.

  • How you can JSON, PHO, and MySQL to manipulate data 

  • How you can go move from CSS and HTML by using jQuery in combination with DOM.

  • and more!


jQuery in Action:

Manning | jQuery in Action, Third Edition

“You also can find this book on Amazon."

This book is very similar to the Headfirst jQuery series, and it’s very likely you will fall in love with the jQuery in Action series. Bear Bibeault and Yahuda Katz are really great writers with a great book editor salary and teachers to boot. 

They are real experts popularly known in the JavaScript and jQuery community. Their knowledge and writing style in the book is entirely genuine.

Yahuda Katz has also significantly contributed to popular jQuery plugin developments while leading the team, while Bear Bibeault is considered an expert in the web development world.

This book is well known not only for beginners but also for developers with a bit of experience. 

It is very well organized and structured with lots of examples to follow for beginners, making it effortless to understand the  basic concepts of JQuery. 

A unique concept in the book is the explanation of jQuery event handling. If you’re looking to get good at event handling, this is definitely the book for you!

jQuery in Action also revolves around creating web pages, and solving cross-browser compatibility issues. This book is great for explaining these concepts thoroughly for beginners.

Essentially, jQuery in Action is one of the best books for beginners to learn jQuery.

This book teaches you:

  • Event handling in jQuery

  • Plugin creation

  • Creating a comprehensive application 

  • Unit Testing

  • Front end development 

  • Animations and the visual effects available with the jQuery

  • Traversing HTML documents in jQuery

jQuery Cookbook:

Amazon.com: jQuery Cookbook: Solutions & Examples for jQuery Developers  (Animal Guide) eBook: Lindley, Cody, Cody Lindley: Kindle Store

“As always, you can find this book on Amazon."

The jQuery Cookbook by Cody Lindley is a remarkable book to learn jQuery for beginners and experts alike.

It’s name completely suits the context because it's like a cookbook that starts with the absolute fundamentals, and also teaches JavaScript fundamentals.

Afterwards, it slowly starts to explore more practical uses with different tested solutions. This is done using the absolute best practices to overcome web development issues. 

Like Headfirst and the Action series by Mannings, O'Reilly's Cookbook series is a very famous book series.

Therefore, it can be a most valuable addition to your bookshelf. 

As the intent of the Cookbook is to take into account the common problems of web developers working with jjQuery or JavaScript and provide tried and tested solutions, there is a good chance that you will find the solution to all your practical problems here.

Lastly, if you are a very busy developer and need a quick snippet to sort out your code, this is the best book you can find for jQuery.

This book deals mainly with:

  • Learning how to find elements on the page

  • Improving forms

  • Resolving major problems related to features of jQuery such as visual effects, shapes, themes, events, and UI elements

  • Understanding the event management system in jQuery

  • Checking code performance and also enhancing it to remove potential errors

  • Testing jQuery applications using time-proven practical techniques 


Once you’ve learned the fundamentals, we have even more book suggestions here!

“There are various books available for you to learn jQuery as a beginner. You can find more of these at wiki.ezvid.com.”




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