15 Best One Page website template using HTML5 2020

15 Best One Page website template using HTML5 2020:

We have been seeing a big trend of creating single page or one-page websites over the past few years. This is partly due to jQuery and HTML5 making it much easier for developers to create beautiful one-page websites using JQuery. 

Creating a one-page website is typically complicated and much more time-consuming than multiple pages websites. This is because you are required to convey so much more information in only a single page, or perhaps display your product or work in a creative way on just one page.

However, with JQuery we can make it effortless to create websites that are stunning with fewer effects and transitions. If you want to make your websites even more stunning, consider checking out these handy CSS snippets.

As a best practice, it is recommended to break the website into different sections that you can display to the user by scrolling down the website, as opposed to fitting each detail on a static page.

It becomes much more effortless to read, and as the user scrolls, this can build anticipation, or surprise the user with new information.

Below we will show you the 15 best one-page website templates using HTML5 in 2020. So, stick with us to the end of the article to learn all about these website templates.

“You can download these templates from wpshopmart; or you can simply download them from GitHub."


30 Best Free One Page HTML Website Templates - Wpshopmart

Evolo is completely free and often referred to as one of the best one-page HTML templates to use.

The best feature which is included in this template is a type of navigation known as a sticky header.

Sticky headers smoothen the scroll towards other sections with a flat design that keeps the header still while the rest of the page scrolls.

It also works great for illustrations, neat testimonial sliders, pricing tables, inquiry forms, team sections, and video modals.


Top 31 Free One-Page Website Templates Built With Bootstrap 2020 - Colorlib

Colid is also free to use and a straightforward yet compelling website template. 

Colid is suitable for all types of Android, iOS, Windows applications, and also SaaS applications, also known as ‘Software as a Service’. As these types of applications usually require some explaining, we recommend that you implement read more functionality if you are creating a landing page for your SaaS offering. 

Due to these features, Colid is termed as very flexible and effortless to use.

However, the flexibility doesn't stop here. You can use this software for business landing pages or online shops as well!


BizPro - Free Minimal One Page Business Website Template - Colorlib

This is a very classical and free one-page business website template. You can build any type of business site using BizPro, starting from local ones to multinational organizations.

BizPro is also very SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly and is highly optimized in every possible way for mobile devices.


Imperial – Free Onepage Bootstrap Theme | BootstrapMade

Imperial is a very futuristic and modern template. It is also a very creative template for one-page websites that can really wow an audience.

Imperial is suitable for various studios, digital design agencies, creative agencies, and other businesses of similar interest.

The company's important message or logo can be introduced on the header, which comes with a full-screen part called a hero.


Laura Free Creative Bootstrap Theme | BootstrapTaste

This template is a very responsive and clear portfolio template that is free to use.

It is a bootstrap template for one-pagers working on Bootstrap 3 and provides you with clean code, a modern layout, and a fully customizable environment.

Laura is also very mobile-friendly for users that view your site on the go!


Avilon Bootstrap Landing Page Template | BootstrapMade

Avilon is very suitable for a landing page with long scrolling or even longer portfolios. 

It features a very clean intro button for a strong call to action and has sticky navigations that scroll down smoothly.

Some sections slide in as a type of scroll, a clean three-tier table for price, client logos, and frequently asked questions with an accordion feature, a gallery with lightbox browsing, and a team section- so, everything you need!

Lastly, there is a footer with an optional form contact and a neatly organized “back to top” button.


Unika One Page Portfolio Bootstrap Template

Unika is very responsive and free to use a template based on HTML5 that is perfect for small business agencies and personal portfolios. 

It is made using both CSS3 and HTML5 and is flexible enough to work with different browsers and devices.


100+ Free HTML5 Website Templates for Instant Site Launching

Boxify is an incredibly beautiful template and is also very modern, based on CSS3 and HTML4. 

It was very carefully designed and crafted to enhance the smooth effect on multiple devices.

Additionally, it is very well fitted for any type of startup website or portfolio, but its flexibility makes it usable for other projects as well.


Ballet One Page Free Website Template

Ballet is also a very modern, clean, and elegant template built with both CSS3 and HTML5.

It is based around the latest framework of Bootstrap, which is 3.3.1. Features include responsive web compatibility with different devices and multi-browser support. 

Sky Touch:

28 Best Free One Page HTML Website Templates 2020

As the name suggests, there is no limit to this template. Also, it comes with a beautiful sky to fit the theme, making it very modern.

It is also a very responsive single page template using CSS3, HTML5, and Bootstrap.

Sky Touch is perfect for business, corporate, digital studios, personal portfolios, web agencies, and product showcases.


Anyar – Free Multipurpose One Page Bootstrap Theme | BootstrapTaste

Nothing beats Anyar in terms of simplicity and multipurpose use. Anyar is built with the Bootstrap 3.3 framework, which is very responsive and has a user-friendly UI. 

It has multipurpose use and is well known for creating individual portfolios, creative agencies, and companies that are looking for a clean or simple one-page template.


Nova - One Page Multipurpose Template by templateHut | ThemeForest

Nova is a trendy and perfectly curated HTML5 site template. It is used in making landing page templates that are responsive and informative.

All the features are included in a free to use project which showcases the one-page template created in Bootstrap.

Finally, it is an immaculate, clean, and nicely organized template suitable for various projects- especially if you’re looking to use lots of icons.

Life Coach:

Life Coach Responsive Website Template #51896

As the name suggests, life coach is a free to use coaching template for coaching websites, which is also very responsive.

It is a bootstrap template and can be used for other types of websites, but it works exceptionally well as a coaching site template.

In case you are a coach or trainer, or even a consultant, you can show off your portfolio using this template.


Free Creative HTML5 One-Page Bootstrap Template - Exigo

Here is another free template based around HTML5. Exigo is very creative and is custom-designed to be minimalist.

It works exceptionally well as a blogging or portfolio template to show your artwork or your travels- for those travel bloggers our there.

Exigo also features a very responsive framework that looks exceptional on any mobile device due to high-resolution graphics. 


Meghna - Free Responsive One Page Business Template

Last but not least, Meghna is a free to use responsive template for one-page business sites. It is built with CSS3, jQuery, HTML5 and JavaScript.

Meghna is very minimal, fast loading, and has a light skin that suits many design trends.

"In case you want to learn more about these one page HTML templates or need more variety, then you can check out Colorlib."

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