Top 10 jQuery Animation Library and Plugins 2020

JQuery Animation library code

Top 10 jQuery Animation Library and Plugins 2020:

The internet wouldn't have been as futuristic as it is if it hadn't been for jQuery. With more than a decade of upgrades behind jQuery, it remains the most consistently used JavaScript library ever made. It makes the whole experience of web development more dynamic and more beautiful- especially with its large range of libraries and plugins available. 

What makes websites look even more futuristic and beautiful? Animations. 

The animated web is effortlessly very fast, and a lot of it is powered by jQuery animation. It makes the web more interactive and dynamic. Creating animation elements and other types of interfaces related to web design from complete scratch can be very difficult. jQuery animation libraries and plugins are here to fix that!

In this article, we will talk about the top 10 jQuery Animation Library and Plugins of 2020, which can make it effortless for you to add animations to your website and upgrade your web experience.

Note: “All the provided animation Libraries and Plugins can be downloaded from the colorlid through the separate download feature below that leads you to GitHub."

Icon animations powered by mo.js:

Icon Animations Powered by mo

Web design has two clear sub divisions: underground development, which requires you to focus on learning a specific language and maximizing its limits.

The second is the businesses and large corporations with the resources necessary to create game-changing content such as unique animations.

Take Twitter for example, which uses animated heart icons. Millions of people use Twitter daily, which makes it a big deal.

So, we can see that many people are exposed to these types of animations. It becomes much safer using a library like mo.js when using dynamic animations or visual content on the site as they are powered by a graphics library.

This here is the demo by Tympanus that tells how you can use mo.js to create interactive animations that come with surprise effects.

Motion Graphics for Web with mo.js:

GitHub - mojs/mojs: The motion graphics toolbelt for the web

Motion (mo.js) is the JS library that changes the way designers make specific animations for the web. With the use of mo.js, you can effortlessly customize your web content. It becomes more appealing and more presentable through the use of animations.

The library itself has very smooth and fast performance, as well as a much better API for development. It basically supports the development modularly, allowing you to use specific parts of the library that are required. The project itself is open-source, which means its free to use and uses the feedback of the community.

Polaroid Stack to grid intro Animation:

Polaroid Stack to Grid Intro Animation – Scriptism

When the parallax effect came onto the scene, it was a huge thing. Now, developers are focusing on using parallax to make pages more interactive and smooth.

This effect is known as the polaroid stack, an essential grid of images moving along the page as scrolling up and down.

It moves from one element towards the other without losing focus. Only a few websites employ these techniques at the moment, but the ones that do look fantastic and futuristic.

Material Scroll Animation:

Material Scroll Animation with CSS and Javascript - Designing King

Material Scroll Animation has the right combination of CSS and JS, providing you with a lot of ways to play with the content.

This is great for the modern developer. Material Scroll Animation is allows you to use the material design-built scroll effect that primarily displays the content header. It then provides you with the slide button, which is more straightforward and uncovers the header's actual content.

Elastic Circle Slideshow:

Elastic Circle Slideshow | Codrops

The smoother the animation is, the better it is. Smooth is directly related to the properties of CSS3 and also HTML5. Elastic Circle Slideshow is termed as the smoothest slideshow.

As frontend developers always strive to get the smoothest effect, this is very popular with frontend developers. It allows you to have rapid swipes without any attention loss or discomfort. Therefore, it has been regarded as a great alternative for mobile sites, apart from the obvious statistically higher use for desktop sites.

Interactive Bar Graph:

Interactive Bar Graph

Speaking of statics, analysis, and analytics, jQuery has been highly regarded for data visualisation; it simply outshines other frameworks in these areas.

Interactive bar graphs created by Ettrics let you visualize data beautifully and show different timelines of your data. Some other cool ways to visualize your data are outlined here, with circular charts. 

You can uncover detailed data about a particular graph with only a click.

Page Switch for JavaScript:

pageSwitch for JavaScript

This library is a very unique and effortless approach to switch or flip web content.

There are 50+ choices to animate the content dropdown menu. Coding is required to put everything together carefully, but is quite simple to use and understand.

However, if you are looking for interactive solutions, then you can use it with image galleries and grids.

Animating an SVG Menu Icon with Segments:

Animating an SVG Menu Icon with Segment | Codrops

A segment is the class of JavaScript that allows web developers to animate and draw the SVG paths. The results are animated visual SVG contents.

This has been a highly utilized library among modern developers due to the flexibility and ease of use. The animated SVG icon of navigations on your website can be created using this library, and if SVG is not supported- we got you covered. Follow our tutorial here

Popmotion, the JavaScript motion engine:

Popmotion, Javascript Motion Engine for Animated UI

Popmotion is the JavaScript motion engine that brings physics to the world of web design.

The difficulty level is not what you would expect from such a complicated subject- it is actually quite easy to use and implement in your website. Three prominent examples of Popmotion seen on webpages are Physics movements, Animations, and input tracking. It is actually used for the motion drive of the user interface. It also has support for CSS, SVG, SVG paths, and the DOM attributes.

It also can be used with other API that can accept values numerically. Therefore, it is regarded as one of the most fun libraries to use!

jQuery DrawSVG:

jQuery DrawSVG

jQuery comes with its separate animation engine that can be used for the site's transformation and other cool stuff. 

It is actually the jQuery library for SVG content paths animation. It is exceptionally lightweight and asks you to only specify the paths- the library will do the rest of the work.

“In case you want the code for similar animation Libraries and Plugins, you can always go to the GSCODE and download your favorite ones from there."

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