9 Great jQuery Progress Bar Plugins

Progress bars are a pretty important part of any website and they give developers a chance to show their creativity too. jQuery provides some pretty good plugins, which can be used to create animated and/or customized progress bars for a website to make it more attractive. The following are some jQuery plugins that will help users create the look they want.

1. NProgress.js

If the goal is to find a jQuery plugin which will help create progress bars similar to that of the Google or YouTube, then NProgress.js is the best choice. It uses realistic animations to show loading which is helpful for users.

2. ProgressBar.js

Tired of rectangular progress bars? Want to create some interesting progress bars ? Then give ProgressBar.js a shot. This jQuery plugin allows users to create progress bars with various arbitrary shapes which can be chosen from the library or created.

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3. Progress.js

At times a website will need a progress bar for individual objects featured on a page. Progress.js allows users to create progress bars that will allow onlookers to see updates on where they are at when signing up for a website. This jQuery plugin has a JavaScript and CSS3 library that allow users to choose a design or customize your a progress bar. Progression.js is really easy to use: Create a form and then install the plugin to activate it.

4. Goal Progress

Users who need of animated progress bars, will want to make Goal Progress one of their primary choices. This jQuery plugin shows users how much they have progressed toward a goal in real time. Just apply the required input and it's set to go.

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5. Circular Loader

As the name suggests, Circular Loader provides users with circular progress bars which are created with the help of HTML5 and JavaScript. This plugin works smoothly with all the major browsers and can be customized according to the needs of the user.

6. jQMeter

jQMeter is really, really simple to use. All you have to do is notify the goal or the progression chart and this lightweight plugin will help you to the rest automatically or you can customize it as per your own needs. It only creates horizontal or vertical plugins, but the animation can be customized according to the look of the website.

7. Bootstrap Progressbar

Bootstrap Progressbar keeps users updated on the on their progress through information notification or a call-back. It uses existing the CSS along with JavaScript to create the required progress bar.

8. LoadGo

LoadGo helps users to create progress bars that feature a website or company's logo. It allows developers to use the image of their choice as a progress bar for a website by overlapping the DOM.

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9. Swiper

Swiper is a real time progress bar plugin by jQuery which allows users to produce customizable and animated progress bars for their websites. Swipper also allows users to add site to add special effects to their progress bar.

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10. Pace

Ajax navigation or progress bar has never been this pretty before. Pace automatically figures out how much the element you have assigned it for, has loaded and shows the progress in real time. If you are navigating from one element to another, it will start up again from the beginning.

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11. jQuery Progress Indicator

jQuery Progress Indicator is not a progress bar which indicates the loading of the page. This jQuery plugin shows you the progress bar for scrolling of the page. The progress bar has a similar appearance as that of the YouTube progress bar and has been released under MIT license.

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