20 Best jQuery Flipbook Plugins

jQuery Flipbook plugins allow users to create flipbook or page-flips effects to present their product catalogs, sales brochures, contents etc. in a eye catching and visually effective way. For this roundup we have compiled a list of 20 Best jQuery Flipbook Plugins for your next online venture, such as a magazine site, or an online shopping site. You will probably find these most useful for your portfolio. Enjoy!

1. jBooklet

jBooklet is a jQuery tool for displaying content on the web in a flipbook layout. This plugin works in ~7 times faster that previously, especially for text-book with a lot of pages and text contents.

2. Turn.js

Turn.js is a JavaScript library that will make your content look like a real book or magazine using all the advantages of HTML5. The web is getting beautiful with new user interfaces based in HTML5; turn.js is the best fit for a magazine, book or catalog based in HTML5.

3. WowBook

WowBook is jQuery plugin that allows you to create a online publication(like a book or magazine) with 2 different page flipping effects. wowbook now can render PDF files using the PDFjs library! See more info in the live preview.

4. Flippage

This plugin also keeps the page flip effect inside/over the images displayed (that ends up in a 2D-like experience). It makes use of HTML5-CSS3 + hardware acceleration and works also in mobile browsers.

5. Responsive Flip Book

Responsive Flip Book powered by jQuery
Responsive Flip Book is fully HTML & jQuery driven no Flash Player needed. Works on desktop and mobile devices! You get the same experience on every platform because responsive design makes it look good on all resolutions.

6. BookBlock

BookBlock is a jQuery plugin that can be used for creating booklet-like components that allow a "page flip" navigation. Any content can be used, such as images or text. The plugin transforms the structure only when needed (i.e. when flipping a page) and uses some overlays as shadow for the pages to create more realism.

7. jQuery Notebook Style Page Animation

jquery notebook page flip animation
This fancy jQuery Notebook skin uses a jQuery animation plugin called jQuery Booklet Plugin.

8. jCoverFlip

jCoverflip is a jQuery plugin for easily creating coverflow-like interfaces that can display images or any other content. The content can be navigated by clicking on any of the items or using a jQuery UI slider.

9. Flapper

Flapper is a jQuery plugin that replicates the split-flap (or "Solari") displays that used to be common in train stations and airports, and your dad's alarm clock in the 70s. To use, just attach Flapper to any input on your page. Whenever the input's change event is fired, Flapper will update the display.

10. Diamond FlipBook

Diamond FlipBook jpeg
FlipBook is based on the library turn.js 3rd release. Library “turn.js 3rd release” is not included. It is responsive and you can create reverse flip book effects, you can easily disable the toolbar, unlimited number of pages, double pages and many more.

11. jFlip

This plugin builds an image gallery made as a book. You can flip the book pages to view the next or previous image clicking or dragging the animated corners shown when hovering on the gallery area.

12. Flip Out Cards

jquery flipout cards
Flip Out Cards is a jQuery plugin that create a dynamic multi level flip out cards.

13. Im Book Flip

imBookFlip plugin can display the book-like content in an iframe or directly on the page. Its pages can be set to turn when manually clicked or as an auto play, sadly, no support for dragging a page. Also, its API allows directly pointing to a desired page

14. QuickFlip2

QuickFlip works by using an animation shortcut that is barely noticeable when flipped quickly (hence the name). This shortcut improves performance while allowing the flip effect to work smoothly with any piece of markup regardless of images, backgrounds or CSS.

15. Real 3D Flipbook

real 3d flipbook
Real 3D Flipbook is the only flipbook that uses WebGL to create realistic 3D books, magazines, and brochures that will blow your readers away. It is easy to use, fully customizable and works everywhere.

16. Flip Quote

jquery flip quote
jQuery Flip-Quote creates a pull-quote from a text quote found in the document and flips to reveal the quote once it's scrolled into view. It also has a click feature that scrolls into and highlights the quote origin on the document.

17. Booklet

Booklet is a jQuery tool for displaying content on the web in a flipbook layout. It was built using the jQuery library. It has support chapters, ca show page numbers and callbacks exist for further interaction.

18. 3D Flipbook

3d flipbook
3D Flipbook is a jquery plugins that comes with number of features to generate flip book effects , it has responsive design, optimized for mobile, smart page loading, two type of flip or animations, table of content and many more.

19. Wodry.js

Wodry.js is a simple jQuery plugin for a text flipping/rotating. Wodry.js allow you to set animation from animations collection, set your own callback on content flipping, etc.

20. jQueryFlipGrid

jQuery Flip Grid
jQueryFlipGrid (JFP) is a jQuery plugin that makes a responsive photo gallery grid. Each grid cell has the ability to “flip” and show its back side contents. To provide a brief overview, the plugin works like this: You define your grid cell markup as regular HTML, and then call the plugin. The plugin parses the markup and hides all of the cells’ “back” content, builds the hover states, and performs all the event binding.

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