15 Best jQuery Shopping Cart Plugins

Myriad of ecommerce websites begin to steadily increase as more and more people became comfortable with the online shopping concept, and began shopping from their PCs in the comfort of their own. With the advent of smart phone and devices, savvy shoppers began to use their tablets and phones to shop whenever and from wherever they wished, therefore it’s necessary to deliver a better end user experience to such shoppers.

For this roundup we have compiled a list of 15 Best jQuery Shopping Cart Plugins for those who are looking to setup an ecommerce website for their businesses. Following jQuery shopping cart Plugins are easy to use and you can add them with less or no endeavours.

1. addUI Store

addUI Store is an easy to use jQuery plugin that adds a fully featured store to any website in minutes. The store plugin is written in pure JavaScript (jQuery). PHP is used to secure the store (validate the items' costs / cart's total) and securely process payments. Easily create your store using the Store Builder, export the store, upload it to your server and your ready to start selling today.

2. Simple Cart

Simple Cart is a free and open-source javascript shopping cart that easily integrates with your current website. No Databases, just simple HTML & Javascript with multiple payment gateways options.

3. jQuery XML Product Showcase & Quote Cart

JQuery XML Product Showcase   Quote Cart
JQuery XML Product Showcase & Quote Cart is solutions for those who needs to display products & and get a request for Quote by their customers its powered by jQuery, XML & Bootstrap. Using this product you can list unlimited categories & its products, where buyers can request a quote for those products. One can use this product very easily as customer just need to click on Add for Quote button products goes in cart & then they can submit request for the same, You will get an email with request details. So you can respond to it.

4. MiniCart.js

Minicart is a great way to improve your PayPal shopping cart integration. One simple change and your users will be able to manage their shopping cart directly from your website. Additional APIs provide you the power to customize the behaviour to your needs.

5. jQuery Paypal HTML Shop

paypal html shop cart
jQuery Paypal HTML Shop by createIT turns your static website into a working paypal shop in 5 minutes! Every currency type is supported and compatible with PayPal. A must have plugin if you want your website to start giving profit.

6. SmartCart

Smart Cart is a flexible and feature rich jQuery plug-in for shopping cart. It makes the add-to-cart section of online shopping much easy and user friendly. It is compact in design, very easy to implement and only minimal HTML required.

7. productColorizer jQuery Plugin

productColorizer is a light-weight solution for users to quickly preview a product in different colors. The plugin uses only two images per product to create the effect and it is built on top of the robust and popular Javascript framework jQuery, providing you with an easy setup. The plugin works in all major browsers including IE7+ (will work with IE6 if you use a png fix).

8. Paypal Shopping Cart

paypal shopping cart
It’s fast and lightweight as it does not require database or server scripts to work. Your customers can purchase multiple items and pay quickly with paypal for everything at once.

9. jCart

jCart is a free Ajax shopping cart that’s easy to install and customize. It is based on jQuery and PHP, jCart handles visitor input without reloading the page and is fully functional even without javascript.

10. Angustore

Angustore it’s the mini shop online for sell your product, not need the database or php, but only Html, Css, Javascript and AngularJs.

11. Ajax Paypal Cart

AJAX PayPal Cart is a easy to use JQuery plugin for web developer to add a full function shopping cart in their website. The AJAX cart can include a cart widget which allows display of cart information easily.

12. jPayPalCart

jPayPalCart is a simple to integrate JQuery plugin that allows you to create a fully functioning Paypal shopping cart without using clunky server-side page refreshes. The plugin supports PayPal Website Payment Standard.

13. jQuery Interactive Shopping Cart

jQuery Interactive Shopping Cart
This is a smart interactive Shopping Cart jQuery plugin based on Bootstrap framework. It comes with number of features such as cross-platform, html5 support, valid css and easy to customize.

14. Side Shopping Cart

This animated side cart is a smart and not obtrusive way to let users jump in and out from the list of products they want to buy, without having to refresh the page or fire a popup.

15. Bootstrap jQuery Paypal Shopping Cart

bootstrap jquery paypal shopping cart
Easy to use Bootstrap – JQuery based shopping cart. Configure your inventory and store meta data in a simple structured JSON file. The shopping cart uses Paypal embedded payment. Unlimited categories and products attributes. The shopping cart also provides a contact form and links to social networks.

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