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8 Useful JavaScript Libraries to Build Interactive Charts

Presentations often involve a lot of data which needs to be conveyed to clients. But making others understand raw data might be a tad bit difficult as not everyone has the same understanding of data. One of the easiest ways to deal with this problem is to make them understand data with the help of […]
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Exciting jQuery YouTube Plugins

If you are looking for some handy YouTube Plugins to add into your websites and web applications then you are at right place, we have chosen some of the Best jQuery YouTube Plugins that will allow you to play YouTube videos on your websites easily. You can easily integrate these YouTube plugins to your websites […]
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10 jQuery Chat Plugins

There are many ways a website owner can choose to communicate with visitors: chats, e-mail, contact forms, forums are the fastest, easiest and widely used ones. In-page/floating chat systems always existed but it was Facebook who made the experience slicker and really functional. We have brought some of the useful jQuery Chat Plugins for our […]
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8 Awesome jQuery Zoom Plugins

When it comes to creating a portfolio or a business website that sells products, one of the important features required is zooming. Zooming to enlarge the product or image that has been shared on a site for better viewing by the customers. JQuery plugins provides the perfect application for zooming on websites. However, there are […]
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Interesting unknown facts about jQuery

It's been 9 years since the first release of jQuery and since then it has come a long way. And in these years, jQuery has made an immense impact on website development. But it's always exciting to go back to history and find out how it started. Recently, John Resig (jQuery creator) annotated the first […]
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15 Latest jQuery Media Plugins

Website technology has experienced a boom over the last five years with major enhancements including tools like jQuery which make web design easier with Plugins. Here are 15 jQuery plugins worth noting: 1. Bootstrap Video Player jQuery Plugin This is a HTML5 video player which allows customization. It includes auto play options along with play […]
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