15 Latest jQuery Plugins of February 2015

jQuery is a Javascript library which are small and run fast to beautify and enhance the websites. They are available free and designed to simplify HTML coding. It helps creating plugins, navigate documents, and create animations with advance effects and various other tasks.

The benefit of jQuery is its ability from usage on cross platforms. With Javascript you may have to write different queries for different browsers, but jQuery helps you restricting that. It is also very simple to extend the framework via jQuery. You can add some events, elements and then reuse them as a plugin. You can get best jQuery plugins from the plugin domain of the jQuery Project website.

Here are top 15 picks for best jQuery plugins on February 2015:

1. Lazy Loading Google Maps Plugin

It checks if there are any maps in the viewport t be displayed. In case the answer is yes, it will display the corresponding map using an API script file. It has a call back function within every map instance initiation, thus the user can continue doing his work without any hitch.


2. Uber Zoom

This is for smooth zoom and pan for your photos or images. It fully supports mobile devices and can enable full screen mode to show high resolution images. It also has thumbnail navigator to give a small preview on image on bottom left corner.


3. Scroll Monitor

This is jQuery to increase the speed of scrolling smoothly. The code is based on vanilla JavaScript with no external dependencies. It uses watcher objects to watch any element or trigger a new object. It can also give the location of the element relative to the viewport.


4. A TART jQuery HTML5 Slider

It allows users to create slider alike a tart. The advantage is plugin works with html5 and allows you to use as many images as you need. It doesn’t break the structure of HTML document. It uses jQuery as well jCanvas and has an original design.


5. OneBook3D

It is designed to create a book style presentation of your portfolios or albums. It offers two modes of animation and auto resizing of images according to the screen. It has flexible, adaptive and customizable design. It is meant for photographer, designers or portfolio presentation.


6. FloatLabel

On any user input field the placeholder values move up and is being displayed the textbox. This offers customization methods for labels. You can display animation as well and set the starting point of the animation from the top of the input field.


7. Bee3D Slider

It's just 5 Kb Javascript with a floating 3D slider and carousel plugin written with Javascript. It is easily customizable and easily extensible. It is touch enabled, mobile friendly, and can choose for infinite loops and parallax effects.


8. Cloud Pricing Slider

This pricing slider is designed according to the requirements of Web hosting, VPS hosting and Cloud server providers. It can be configured with WHMCS order form. It simply sends the slider values with URL.


9. Fotorama

It is simple and easy to implement with cross browser compatibility. It supports videos, images, hTML and text.


10. Labelauty

This is a lightweight plugin to give beauty to checkboxes and radio buttons.


11. SParallax

This is a responsive jQuery plugin that allows you to bind element transitions to the native vertical scroll bar and will create parallax effects that are of imagination.


12. Untouchable Button

This is jQuery plugin to create joke for April Fool or any other such activity.

13. User Pick Form

It auto completes input with list of names or mails, browse list of animation and deletes elements with backspace key.


14. Traffico

You can insert some funny vehicles on your website running from one end to another.


15. Bootstrap Application Wizard

The application Wizard is a bootstrap add-on that allows multi-step forms to progress in natural order while being flexible.

So, there are all my favorite picks of latest jQuery plugins of February 2015. Do let us know which one you like the most and why!

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