Famo.us Joining jQuery Foundation

Looks like 2015 is going to be a big year for jQuery. Famo.us is an open-source  Javascript/Physics framework and they recently announced  their involvement in jQuery.

This move by Famo.us is an exciting step for jQuery.  It means that via jQuery, web developers will get high performance 3D animations and physics effects.  The first step in the plan is Famo.us joining the jQuery Foundation  which is further good news for jQuery Developers.  New entrances into the foundation ensure the longevity of jQuery and the continuity of the language long term.


An excerpt from Forbes:

Not every web site needs 3D animation with realistic physics, but the easier these capabilities are to experiment with (in non-destructive ways) the more uses for them developers and designers will find. This addition of designers into the equation is important as well. For many designers, jQuery isJavaScript. It is the way that they use code in their markup. As well, for many, WordPress is their backend. If they want to make a dynamic site attached to a database, WordPress is the easy choice. And BootStrap has done the same for the world of responsive web design. It is not the only responsive framework (I think Zurb’s Foundation is more powerful and not that much more complicated) but it is the hands-down easiest way to make a competent contemporary site that works on all devices.



It's always exciting to see new players get involved with jQuery, especially ones as dynamic and popular as Famo.us.  Stay tuned for more on this!

Original Story at Forbes

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