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jQuery 1.1.2 Released

The jQuery project team has just released version 1.1.2 of the JavaScript library. This is a bug-fix version, recommended for everyone. If you are still using a version prior to 1.1, you should be mindful of the API changes (see the jQuery 1.1 announcement for details). If you're already using version 1.1 or later, you're […]
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Quick Tip – Set Hover Class for Anything

Sometimes it's nice to be able to give users visual feedback when they hover their mouse over an element on the page. It's easy to do, of course, with a little CSS: #hover-demo1 p:hover { background: #ff0; } That little style rule changes the background of any paragraph that is a descendant of an element […]
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More Showing, More Hiding

We've received a number of comments recently from people looking for variations on the showing and hiding theme. For the basics, you can take a look at two earlier entries, Basic Show and Hide and Slicker Show and Hide. For a full-blown plugin solution with lots of options, look no further than Jörn Zaefferer's Accordion […]
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Have Your jQuery Fun on Any Site with Greasemonkey

Hot on the heels of my jQuerify Bookmarklet entry [note: update bookmarklet here] and John Resig's Hacking Digg with Firebug and jQuery entry, Joan Piedra has put together a Greasemonkey user script (Firefox only) that lets jQuery load automatically on any site that you've set for it in the Greasemonkey preferences dialog.
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