jQuery 1.1.2 Released

The jQuery project team has just released version 1.1.2 of the JavaScript library. This is a bug-fix version, recommended for everyone. If you are still using a version prior to 1.1, you should be mindful of the API changes (see the jQuery 1.1 announcement for details). If you're already using version 1.1 or later, you're in good shape.

Here are the "new and noteworthy" updates from version 1.1 to version 1.2, as noted in the Change Log:

  • Changed: Event handlers (like element.onclick) are now removed when no more functions are bound to the event.
  • Fixed: DOM Manipulations for form elements.
  • Fixed: jQuery.isFunction to return false on nodes.
  • Fixed: jQuery.className.has, escaping regex characters in className (for metadata)
  • Fixed: an issue in IE where an event on a cloned element is fired during a .clone() inside of an event handler.
  • Fixed: IE ID selectors selecting by the name attribute.
  • Changed: Events are now internally stored in elem.$events rather than elem.events (due to a nasty bug relating to DOM 0 expandos).
  • Changed: .attr('href') is now consistent in all browsers.
  • Changed: @href is now consistent in all browsers.
  • Fixed: the slideDown flickering bug.
  • Fixed: Having a \r endline in $("...") caused a never-ending loop.
  • Fixed: IE6 AJAX memory leak
  • Fixed: bug in pushStack, reporting an element at [0] in a jQuery object with length 0

Download the jQuery 1.1.2 source directly, or visit the jquery.com download page.

Important Update: If you downloaded 1.1.2 between the time I originally posted this entry and now (2007-02-28T17:12:00+10:00), please download it again. There was a nasty Safari-crashing issue with the one posted last night.

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