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Visual jQuery Magazine Issue 1

The first issue of Visual jQuery Magazine is now available from the Visual jQuery website. The website is an excellent reference for the jQuery API. In fact, it hooks right into the comments of the latest jQuery version, formatting everything into a highly readable, visually appealing page. The new monthly magazine extends the Visual jQuery […]
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Fancy Drop Cap – Part 1

Introduction Last spring when I implemented a new design for my weblog, I wanted to use a fancy drop cap for the first letter of the first paragraph of the first post of each page. There are all sorts of ways to make a drop cap happen, but since I was reading Jeremy Keith's excellent […]
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TextMate Bundle for jQuery

JonBob and I have been working on a TextMate bundle for jQuery over the past few weeks. If you're not familiar with TextMate and you own a Mac, you should definitely check it out. It has saved me countless hours of repetitive keystrokes with its bundles, which contain commands, code snippets, templates, and macros that […]
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Slicker Show and Hide

Last time I showed you how to make something appear and disappear on a web page. This time I'll show you how to do it with style. Like we did last time, we'll start with our $(document).ready() and put everything else inside of it. Adjust the Speed This time, however, we're going to adjust the […]
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Documentation now linked

A new feature has been implemented; all jQuery code snippets we post will now be linked to the appropriate part of the documentation. So, for example, when we post: [js] $('').find('a').hide().end(); [/js] You can click on the function names "find," "hide" and "end" for more information on the functions. These definitions are culled from the […]
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Basic Show and Hide

As promised in my last entry, I'll be showing you a simple effect that you can do using jQuery: showing or hiding something, or a group of things, on the page. The two functions that let us do this are, not surprisingly, show() and hide(). jQuery also comes with another function called toggle(), which will […]
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