15 Latest jQuery Plugins of February 2015

jQuery is a Javascript library which are small and run fast to beautify and enhance the websites. They are available free and designed to simplify HTML coding. It helps creating plugins, navigate documents, and create animations with advance effects and various other tasks. The benefit of jQuery is its ability from usage on cross platforms. […]
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Simple Tooltip for Huge Number of Elements

There are many, many jQuery tooltip plugins out there, and some of them are very good. But when someone on the jQuery Google Group asked (a year ago) which plugin could handle displaying tooltips for 2,000 links on a page, I wasn't able to find one. So, I decided to throw together a quick little […]
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Making a jQuery Plugin Truly Customizable

Most if not all of the jQuery plugins out there have some level of customization. But very few of the plugin authors have mastered the very particular art involved. Achieving the "optimum level" of customization is a bit of a balancing act… go too far either way and you've got an unusable plugin!
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Simple Effects Plugins

jQuery has a nice selection of core animation effects, such as .show('speed') and .hide('speed'), .slideUp() and .slideDown(), and .fadeIn() and .fadeOut(). It even has a couple methods for toggling effects — the aptly named .toggle('speed') and .slideToggle(). All of these methods have optional speed, easing, and callback arguments — although a couple are special cases. […]
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Managing the creative process behind a jQuery plugin

An excellent post by Mike Alsup described a plugin development pattern that has served him quite well over time. I have used BlockUI (an Alsup creation) on several projects, and it is readily apparent that Mike knows his stuff. The one thing I have always enjoyed and appreciated most about this particular plugin, however, is […]
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