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jQuery Snippets: Using jQuery to Check All Boxes

When you've given your users a ton of checkbox input fields that they have to manually check themselves, it's always a nice gesture to give them the option to check all the boxes at once by simply selecting one "Check All" checkbox -- one box to rule them all. Not only does a check all checkbox […]
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How to Use jQuery to Create Blinking Text

Blinking text is one of those cool features that you never actively think to add to your projects, but it's still really fun to play around and experiment with as a text effect. While it might not be super versatile in terms of which of your web pages you might want to or be able […]
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How to Use jQuery’s .blur() Method

jQuery's .blur() method isn't exactly what it sounds like -- the word "blur" in this context should be taken as more of a figurative term than a literal one. The .blur() method doesn't actually apply a blur effect to any elements, it simply refers to when an element was in focus and then becomes out […]
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Top 3 jQuery YouTube PopUp Player Plugins

Any of the three plugins on this list are great options if you're looking for a smooth, easy to use jQuery YouTube pop-up player plugin. They all feature lightbox effects and really clean transitions. 1. jQuery YouTub Popup Player Plugin This plugin is easy to use and install, and is a great, lightweight option for embedding […]
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jQuery’s .remove() Method

Ever wanted to remove an HTML element from your code dynamically? There are many situations in which being able to do this easily would be useful, and with jQuery, it's completely doable using the .remove() method. Here's how it works. Let's say you want to remove a div (.bye) when it's clicked on. The following […]
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10 jQuery Plugins to Create Website Tours

In this post, find a complied list of 10 awesome, easy, customizable and eye catching jQuery plugins to create website tours, step by step walkthroughs, interactive help, and instructional guides. These plugins can be used to guide users through a website or to demo any product to provide an awesome experience to your users. 1. Trip.js Trip.js […]
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