Updated Plugin – jTip

Update This plugin is no longer being supported. If you're interested in trying a tooltip plugin with lots of features, please check out my clueTip jQuery Plugin. Thanks.
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Copy Events from One Element to Another

Need to clone an element and its events? Sure, you could rebind the events after doing the clone, but that wouldn't be very DRY now, would it? Introducing Copy Events, a new plugin for jQuery.
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Half-Star Rating Plugin

There was a request recently on the jQuery discussion list for an enhancement to Ritesh Agrawal's Simple Star Rating System to allow for 1/2 star ratings. So I took it upon myself to add the feature. Update I'm not supporting my version of this plugin at this time. I meant it more as a proof […]
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clueTip Plugin Beta 2

Beta 2 of the clueTip Plugin for jQuery is out the door and on the server. I've made a number of fairly significant changes (for the better, I hope), both to the script and to the CSS. One notable addition is the ability to apply a "jTip" style to the clueTips by changing the CSS, […]
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Namespace Your Events

A common pattern in jQuery plugin development is the need to undo what the plugin has done. This is usually handled through a method prefixed with "un". Another common pattern is the use of anonymous functions for event handlers. Unbinding events is easy with jQuery but unbinding a single event handler requires the use of […]
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A Plugin Development Pattern

I've been developing jQuery plugins for quite a while now, and I've become rather comfortable with a particular style of plugin development for my scripts. This article is meant to share the pattern that I've found especially useful for plugin authoring. It assumes you already have an understanding of plugin development for jQuery; if you're […]
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