Managing the creative process behind a jQuery plugin

An excellent post by Mike Alsup described a plugin development pattern that has served him quite well over time. I have used BlockUI (an Alsup creation) on several projects, and it is readily apparent that Mike knows his stuff. The one thing I have always enjoyed and appreciated most about this particular plugin, however, is […]
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Questions and Answers from the List

I've been feeling guilty lately about my lack of posts to this blog. But when I looked at my profile for the jQuery Google Group and discovered that for the past six months I've posted an average of 100+ times each month, well, I decided to give myself a break. Since I'm sure some people […]
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Simple Effects Plugins

jQuery has a nice selection of core animation effects, such as .show('speed') and .hide('speed'), .slideUp() and .slideDown(), and .fadeIn() and .fadeOut(). It even has a couple methods for toggling effects — the aptly named .toggle('speed') and .slideToggle(). All of these methods have optional speed, easing, and callback arguments — although a couple are special cases. […]
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Using Low Pro for jQuery

Recently I have been getting a real buzz out of developing with jQuery. I've been using the library since 2006, releasing sporadic bits of code. In April of this year, I released the third revision of my most complex plugin, jMaps, and updated several other plugins, which are available in my mercurial repository. This was […]
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Introduction to jQuery UI

After many months of stellar work, the jQuery UI team has released version 1.5 of their flagship suite of user-interface widgets, components, and effects. This release was focused on bringing you a standardized development API across all of the components, allowing for a more seamless experience when working with the jQuery UI library.
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The Year of jQuery UI

Two years ago I made the somewhat immodest claim that 2007 would be the "Year of jQuery." Since then, jQuery's popularity has grown in ways that none of the core contributors could have imagined. Now I'm ready to make another bold pronouncement: 2009 will be the year of jQuery UI. Here's why:
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