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15 Newest jQuery plugins for responsive website

Due to the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, responsive website design is now a must have for any website. Creating responsive design offers many technical challenges mainly due to different device sizes and the wide variety of browsers. Thankfully, powerful client side frameworks and libraries make it easy to create a responsive design. All sections […]
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10 Awesome jQuery Print Page Plugins

Are you looking to create a print friendly website with custom implementation instead of default browser behaviour? Do you want to allow your users to print specific parts of the web page, instead of being forced to print the complete page? Do you wish to add custom headers and footers and implement different CSS styles […]
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12 Awesome jQuery Virtual Keyboard Plugins

A virtual keyboard is a component that allows a user to enter characters without a physical keyboard. It’s an alternative input mechanism for those who cannot use a physical keyboard, or for multi-lingual users who switch frequently between different character sets or alphabets. Virtual keyboards are commonly used as an on-screen input method on smart […]
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How to Increase Conversion Rates with Ouibounce

One surefire way to increase conversion rates on your landing pages is to include some sort of pop-up, be it one that appears as soon as your user visits the page, or an exit pop-up that appears when the user is going to leave the page (usually this type of pop-up is activated when the […]
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jQuery Image Viewer Plugins with Lightbox

Building your own jQuery image viewer or image gallery plugins is definitely doable...but it's also a pretty time consuming process. If you don't have the time to write your own script, check out any of these jQuery image viewer plugins, all of which come with options for sleek lightbox effects. 1. Magnific Popup Magnific Popup […]
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13 jQuery Push Menu Plugins

Push menu is a design concept where a menu (initially hidden) appears either from left to right or from right to left. And in that process it pushes the main content. It works great for mobile devices but it also works quite well on desktops, as it gives enough space for your main content. So […]
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