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6+ Lightweight jQuery Slider Plugins

Collection of 6+ Lightweight jQuery Slider Plugins. jQuery slider plugins are indeed useful but they also add extra overhead on bandwidth (Common jQuery Mistakes) as reference to their library is required. That's why one has to be careful while choosing the plugin. There are tons of jQuery slider plugins available on web to choose from. […]
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Superslides: jQuery full screen slider plugin for 2013

A full screen background slideshow jQuery plugin called "Superslides".Superslides is a full screen slider for jQuery. It's designed to be as flexible as possible, while maintaining a reasonable code base and good browser compatibility. It's 4.3kb minified (9.4kb uncompressed). Usage Basic usage is as follows. See options below for things you can change. $('#slides').superslides(options_hash) Options […]
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One more jQuery Slider Plugin-noUISlider

noUiSlider is a little jQuery plugin that makes really cool (double) range sliders. Every slider can have two handles to select a range, a fixed minimum or maximum can be set to select a limit, or two handles can be used, to simply pick some points. Every event in the noUiSlider has an optional callback, […]
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jQuery Slider Plugin which supports Dates and touch devices

Touch devices are these days very common and one needs controls which supports slides functionality on webpages when viewed on Touch devices. jQRangeSlider is a jQuery UI range selection slider which supports Dates and it also works on touch devices. This plugin supports 3 kind of sliders. 1. Float Value 2. Dates 3. Editable Slider […]
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