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Best Tips to Learn jQuery

jQuery is a programming script that runs on a browser, and it is a JavaScript library. When you learn it, the concept is to expand your knowledge of the system and the libraries, so it really isn’t that hard to grasp if you already use the other known programs.  Image: Unsplash There are several benefits […]
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jQuery on() – Click event not working for dynamically added element

My colleague got stuck into a problem where he was using jQuery on() method to attach the click event handlers but click event was not working for dynamically added elements. Although he knew that .bind() method doesn't work for dynamically added element but he was quite sure about .live() and .on(). Since .live() method is […]
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Direct vs Delegated Events with jQuery on() method

jQuery added a new method called  on()  in release 1.7 which provides all functionality for attaching event handlers. And it has made other event handler event like live() and delegate() dead. This method was introduced due to performance issue with live() method. Related Post: jQuery Name-spacing with on() and off() method empty() vs remove() vs […]
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jQuery Namespacing with on() and off() method

With jQuery 1.7, jQuery team introduced 2 new ways to attach and remove events. on() method is used for attaching events to DOM elements, and off() method is used to removed event handlers. And you should use on() and off() only to attach and remove handlers, instead of bind(), live() and delegate(). Related Post: bind() […]
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What’s new in jQuery 1.7.2

jQuery team has released a new version of jQuery library which is 1.7.2. jQuery 1.7.2 is looking good! The release candidate went smoothly so they have released it to your eager hands today. You can get the oven-fresh code from the jQuery CDN now, with Google and Microsoft CDNs soon to follow: (minified, production) […]
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How to use jQuery on() and off() method

Using jQuery .on() and .off() – jQuery 1.7 was released in month of November last year and with the jQuery 1.7, do you know that live() method is deprecated. And new method was introduced to replace live() called "on()". "jQuery on()" is a new way to attach events to selectors. The on() event handler […]
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