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Backlinks and Why They Are Important

Major search engines consider the number of backlinks of a website a significant factor when determining the SERP rankings.  In this post, we get into what backlinks are, what makes them important, and how a website can get them. What Are Backlinks? A backlink is a hyperlink in the content of one website pointing to […]
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jQuery to style Hyperlinks based on URL extension

Yesterday I was working on a requirement where I need to apply different styles to hyperlinks based on their URL extensions. For example, if there are hyperlinks which redirects to ".pdf" extension then change their font color to "Red" so that they look different from other hyperlinks. This was easy to implement using jQuery. What […]
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Add Hyperlink to images using jQuery

To Add Hyperlink to the image, we normally use <a> tag that contains image tag to show the image. But assume there are 100 images and you need to add hyperlink to every image. Putting 100 <a> tag with each image is time consuming and painful. But jQuery can make your task painless. So in […]
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