Backlinks and Why They Are Important

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Major search engines consider the number of backlinks of a website a significant factor when determining the SERP rankings. 

In this post, we get into what backlinks are, what makes them important, and how a website can get them.

What Are Backlinks?

A backlink is a hyperlink in the content of one website pointing to another website. These are also called inbound links, incoming links, and one-way links. 

Most search engines’ algorithms consider backlinks as “votes” that indicate that the content on a page is reliable and helpful. The more backlinks a website has, the higher it ranks. The top-ranking pages on Google’s SERPs tend to have thousands of backlinks. 

You can use a backlinks platform to get more backlinks for your site without much hassle.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

A website needs backlinks for three reasons:

#1 Improved SERP Ranking

As mentioned earlier, the more backlinks a page has, the more likely it is to rank high for relevant queries. 

#2 Better Discoverability

Search engines constantly find new content on the web and index it. Most search engines approach this by revisiting the websites they already know about to determine if any new pages, content, and links have been added.

The more popular a website, the higher the likelihood of a search engine checking it frequently for new content and links. In this way, getting a popular website to link to a page on your website increases the chances of the search engine discovering your content. By utilizing real estate seo services, you can improve your site's popularity and authority, leading to more high-quality backlinks from reputable sites that boost your search engine ranking and overall visibility.

#3 Additional Traffic

Links are typically added to content because they provide useful resources for the reader. The more backlinks you have, the higher the chances of people clicking on them. Traffic driven from backlinks is called “referral traffic.” Law firms may also seek solicitors seo services to help increase their web traffic.

Do All Backlinks Hold the Same Value?

Various attributes contribute to the quality and utility of a backlink. The two most important attributes are:

#1 Relevance

Search engines place more value on backlinks relevant to the website’s context because readers are more likely to find those links useful. To understand how Google does this in detail, look through the patent

Here’s all you need to know about link relevance:

The readers of, for instance, are more likely to click on a link to a gardener’s website. If the same website has a link to a plumber’s website, readers likely won’t find any use for it since it’s not relevant.

#2 Authority

Having a backlink from a strong website – one that is ranked high on SERPs – transfers more “authority” to your website than having a backlink from a lower-ranking website.

How to Get Backlinks for Your Website

There are several approaches to getting backlinks. However, which one is most effective depends on the kind of content you have on your website. 

  • Suppliers: You can ask the establishments you do business with to mention you on their site.
  • Partnerships: Offering another business SEO-optimized content that they can put on their website is a great way to get a quality backlink for your site. You may also partner with a digital marketing agency like to help you boost your digital content and reach more audience.
  • Reviews and Testimonials: Whether your site talks about a product or a service, you can get happy customers to review your product on their website.
  • Niche bloggers: If your business can offer a product or service to a niche blogger, you can get in touch with them and do an interview, offer to write a feature on their website, or pay them to write on your site as a guest author.
  • Press: Getting your site’s name in the press is challenging and almost impossible unless your business offers compelling products or has an interesting story. However, press websites typically rank high, making a backlink from them valuable for your website. Additionally, if one publisher gets your story out, other news outlets may also pick it up and republish it.

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