How the Best Amazon Affiliate Sites Succeed

amazon affiliate site

Amazon currently runs an initiative designed to push websites into providing what are known as ‘affiliate links’. These links are held on an external website but link directly to a purchasing page on Amazon pays the site owners a small commission for every sale made after the consumer has clicked upon the affiliate link. Some site owners have completely pivoted their business to cater to this market, and some site developers are being hired to specifically create websites that promote affiliate link traffic. For developers, this is a fascinating new development. Many web developers scouring the internet for new roles will see affiliate link website owners advertising. Here are how two of the best Amazon affiliate sites have succeeded in making money piggybacking off the largest eCommerce website the world has ever seen.

Dog Food Advisor

Affiliate link distribution is one of the Amazon marketing services that companies use when trying to sell their products using the giant eCommerce behemoth. Interestingly, one of the industries in which this tactic is regularly (and successfully) used is the dog food industry. The pet food industry is massive, with dog food being the largest of the subcategories within it. Roughly 75 billion dollars are spent on pet food every year in the USA, according to industry insiders. Dog Food Advisor is an affiliate link website developed with the maximization of link clicks absolutely in mind. One of the ways they have found success is by focusing on specific keywords that they know will bring curious customers in. To maximize the success of these keywords at generating traffic, they have built their site around ‘keyword hubs’.

The concept behind keyword hub web development is simple. Build central pages that contain generalized keywords like ‘best dog foods’, and then fill that hub page with more specialized keywords like ‘young terrier foods’. Suddenly, you start catching and guiding larger groups into your net and sending them to pages that link towards Amazon.

The Prepared

The Prepared is a prepper website, hosting reviews (and affiliate links related to) equipment and guides related to self-sustainability and disaster preparedness. Preppers are no longer entirely seen as extremist types hiding in the woods. The emergence of mainstream climate anxiety, the fear of war, and plenty of other factors have led to the prepper market expanding to an estimated 10 million people in the United States alone.

The Prepared earns a large amount of its revenue from affiliate Amazon links – somewhat surprising considering the reputation that Amazon has as an exploitative and climate-damaging organization. The Prepared has gained massive affiliate success, not through clever development, but through clever content curation. We used to find some great high ticket programs to promote on our site.

Content on the website is relatively transparent. All products are genuinely tested before they are recommended, which leads to trustworthiness in the minds of customers. Content is also geared towards a very loyal and determined market – preppers themselves. Interest in keywords like ‘best survival tools’ will not wane. These are known as ‘evergreen’ keywords.

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