The Best Tools for an ASP.NET Coder in 2022

Created by Microsoft in 2002, ASP.NET is an open-source web framework for building web apps on the .NET framework. It was specifically developed to allow developers to build highly dynamic web applications and sites. The framework is created to work with the HTTP protocol, the standard protocol used across all web apps.

The latest version of the ASP.NET framework was released in 2019 and is the cross-platform version called ASP.NET Version 8. ASP.NET is continuously supported and updated to bring efficient development and enhanced productivity to developers.

There are plenty of excellent reasons to use ASP.NET when creating a website or an app. High speeds, low costs and extensive support are among the most noteworthy benefits. ASP.NET is constructed into the familiar Windows server environment, needing less setup and configuration than many other web development platforms that require separate installation and configuration. The popularity of ASP.NET and its many benefits put skilled developers in the field in high demand.

But what makes a good ASP.NET developer? Of course, they require a certain range of skills to complete specific tasks. Let's explore:

The Ideal Skills a Good ASP.NET Developer Should Have

Any good developer or  an azure consultant needs to possess the ability to design applications that are user-friendly and secure. But they should also have the ability to communicate. In other words, they must have the ability to understand a business's specific IT services requirements so that they can translate these needs into software that works and solves problems. Finding both of these things in a developer is often easier said than done.

The best ASP.NET developers are considered full stack developers that can complete several different types of tasks, all of which contribute to ultimately solving problems. Finding a developer who can do this requires an understanding of the ideal skills all good ASP.NET developers should have.

  • Excellent coding skills

It's necessary for all ASP.NET developers to write good quality code to enable the software and its applications to perform as planned. They understand the intent of the code, which allows them to determine if new code needs to be written and what existing code can be used to save time and resources.

  • Ability to work with client-side technology

ASP.NET developers who are skilled in client-side software developmentare in much higher demand. Client-side technology enables these developers to create interfaces that boast aesthetic appeal and are simple and convenient for consumers to use and navigate. Some of the technology includes HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

  • Ability to develop applications

An ASP.NET coder should be able to plan and execute application development projects, as well as troubleshoot, maintain and improve existing software. They should also be able to compile and evaluate user feedback to improve software performance.

  • Proficiency working with databases

Data is one of the most essential parts of app development and important for ASP.NET development. Therefore, developers must be familiar with Microsoft's SQL databases and other database management technologies such as NoSQL.

  • Exceptional problem-solving skills

To identify and solve problems in their prototypes and analyze the results of their testing, ASP.NET developers require excellent problem-solving skills.

  • Top communication skills

ASP.NET developers should be able to communicate effectively to all stakeholders of a project. This ensures smooth development processes and avoids misunderstandings.

Let’s now consider an example of the ideal resume for a senior ASP.NET developer:

The Best Tools for ASP.NET Coders to Use

For any business in addition to hiring good ASP.NET developers to have software programmed, choosing the right tools is equally important to create enterprise level web applications. Some of the best tools for these developers to use include:

  • Web Platform Installer

This free tool makes it very easy for developers to download and install the latest components on the Microsoft Web Platform, including the .NET Framework, the SQL Server Express and the Visual Studio. This tool also provides a specified workflow for installing open source apps and technologies for web platforms.

  • Visual Studio

This tool is one of the most popular among developers for building innovative apps. It is designed to eliminate several time-consuming processes. Visual studio is enriched with many helpful features such as IntelliSense suggestions and syntax checking, allowing an ASP.NET programmer to correct any mistakes right away.

  • NuGet

NuGet allows developers to access many different third-party libraries and create and share tools to develop outstanding applications. Additionally, the tool facilitates the simple delivery of third-party components directly into a Visual Studio project. It is very easy to use while designing an app as it includes a command line for all CI/CD automated deployments.

  • SQLComplete

This is a productivity tool that extends the SQL Server Management Studio by adding other useful features such as script generation, tab coloring, navigation, etc. This highly customizable tool not just enhances the code quality but also streamlines the process of creating SQL queries with code completion, managing aliases, code highlighting and more.

  • ReSharper

This tool comes with many unique elements that focus on code quality analysis. It identifies the issues in code and automatically solves the problems. The automated solution ReSharper uses wide code refactoring to modify the codebase. This helps to boost legacy code and the overall project structure of app development.

  • NDepend

This is an ASP.NET tool that enables developers to complete static code analysis. It helps developers to optimize code and evaluate code quality with the help of a variety of metrics. It empowers ASP.NET developers to make beneficial decisions on application development projects.

The Final Word

ASP.NET is a free web framework for creating stand-out websites and web applications. Over the years, this framework has become one of the best frameworks for web application development and the demand for suitable programmersis high. When hiring a skilled ASP.NET developer and implementing the correct tools, businesses can enjoy superior performance, premium functionality, excellent cross-platform development, and enhanced stability with smart online apps.

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