3 Reasons Why JavaScript Is the Best Programming Language to Learn


Software development deals with building, designing, sustaining, and releasing software programs. This is the basis of the IT industry. Despite the high skill set required to excel in this space, an increasing number of people are going into software engineering and other career paths in the IT industry because of how lucrative they are. Software developers use many programming languages to build software, but JavaScript is good for beginners to learn first. Once they master it, they can explore other languages and improve their skills.

JavaScript is a programming language mainly used for web development. With JavaScript, programmers can add many useful features to web pages. It can also be used with CSS and HTML to make websites more fluid and responsive. This scripting language is one of the easiest to grasp, and budding developers can sign-up for a software bootcamp at Fullstack Academy to learn it. If you take the lessons seriously, you will get a decent handle on the basics in less than a week. However, you will need a lot more time to become an expert.

Three Benefits of Using JavaScript to Develop Software

There are many languages programmers can learn and use to develop software, but here are three reasons why JavaScript is the most selected.

  1. It is a straightforward programming language

You can start learning JavaScript without any prior coding experience. It is a perfect introduction to the world of software development, as you will be able to write meaningful codes with just two days of learning. There is a myth that you need experience in C++ before you can start developing an app. This is not true because, with only JavaScript, you can write codes for small-scale applications.

  1. It has frameworks that facilitate fast software development

Software developers can use various JavaScript frameworks and template engines to build apps. These frameworks are open source, free, and have many useful features. Also, they have abundant resources and communities for developers to get help when they have problems with the code they are writing. The most widely used frameworks are Vue.js, React.js, and Angular.

  1. The language is versatile

JavaScript can be used to develop applications and websites for all operating systems and web browsers. It can also be used in source scripts written in another programming language. Developers can use JavaScript in any video game such as Kcasino, web page, or server. The use cases for JavaScript are massive, and no other programming language is as flexible.

Endnote Tech companies - both big and small - recognize the benefits of using JavaScript. Therefore, there is a great demand for JavaScript developers since companies need them to create, maintain, and upgrade their software. Learning the programming language is an excellent choice if you want to pursue a career in software development. Note that you can start your software engineering journey with a reputable platform like Fullstack Academy, as they have all the resources and support you need to start a career in coding.

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