Top 5 Reasons to Start Learning JavaScript at College

JavaScript is a programming language of the web. If you intend to become a web developer, you need to learn this language. While there are other language options out there that you might want to focus on, you might wonder why you should choose Javascript? 

These days, you might not feel sure if JavaScript is still relevant. With many other languages that can provide ready-to-use codes, is it really that important to learn this programming language from the beginning? Yes, and here are the reasons why.

learning javascript at college

It will prepare you for the future

If you're planning to invest resources, time and, effort to enhance your knowledge and skills, you should make the most of it. Place your bet on learning JavaScript because this is one of the most desired skills in the job market of web developers. 

Employers offer top dollar for JavaScript talent and those who have familiarity with JavaScript-based technologies. Experts in JavaScript know that this is a flexible programming language that offers various career paths to choose from, like specializing in a specific framework or mastering JavaScript fully. It is also the perfect language that will act as a stepping stone for you to learn other languages since you will become familiar with the core concepts. This is the most significant thing that employers search for when looking for new developers to hire.

It's ideal for beginners

All modern-day web browsers already have JavaScript installed in them. This means that you won't need to install a program on your computer, nor do you have to spend time setting up your development environment for learning. Since it's there, you can just jump in and begin coding. JavaScript is also easy to learn as it can turn intricate details into abstracts to make things easier, especially if you're a beginner. Compared to high-level languages, this has a more natural feel to it. Learn about Kamau Bobb Google's efforts to bridge educational gaps.

Moreover, JavaScript is an ideal first language for beginner programmers who intend to expand their skills into other languages in the future. JavaScript supports the development of valuable skills like functional, imperative, and object-oriented styles of programming. If you can master JavaScript, you can apply the skills you have to any language you want to learn.

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You can find it everywhere

The uses of JavaScript go beyond its roles in the "traditional internet." You can also find its application in smart devices like televisions. It works with online applications, in the creation of native apps for Android and iOS, for building cross-platform desktop apps, and so on.

It's extremely versatile

JavaScript is a universal programming language. Knowledge of this will empower you as a programmer to work on any part of designing apps. Consider the following questions: Do you want to perform front-end (user-side) coding? You can do this in conjunction with Angular. Are you more interested in the back-end (server-side)? By using Node.js, you can do this, too! You can even create mobile, web, and desktop apps using React Native, React, and Electron. If you feel interested in machine learning, JavaScript will help you too.

It's the most used language

The world of web development constantly evolves and is very dynamic. Every day, we see lots of new tools getting introduced, which can pose an issue as it becomes too challenging to know where to focus on. As an aspiring developer, it's important for you to know that what you're learning is still significant in today's industry. To ensure that you're on the right track, get rid of your doubts about learning JavaScript. 

Since its inception back in 1995, you can now find it everywhere on the web - and that's likely to stay this way in the future. For years, JavaScript has become the most commonly utilized programming language around the world.


JavaScript is one of the most robust programming languages we have. Programmers used JavaScript to develop some of the most popular websites on the web today, like YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, eBay, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., so you should start learning this language now.

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