Best jQuery Plugin for Falling Snow Effect

With winter's sudden arrival and the holidays fast approaching, you may find yourself in the market for a plugin that allows you to add a falling snow effect to any of your pages. Our falling snow plugin of choice is the Snowfall 1.6. Using this plugin, you can create a falling snow effect that covers your entire page, or just small sections of a page.

One of the great things about this plugin is how customizable it is. You can specify the size and shape of the snowflakes (you can make them really small, bigger, or even have them appear in a classic snowflake shape -- see example in image below). You can also specify the rate at which the snowflakes fall, the amount of snowflakes that appear on the screen at one time, and whether or not the snowflakes have a shadow attached to them. 
Another cool feature of this plugin is that it can also be programmed to collect snow on certain HTML elements. For example, you can have the snow particles build up on a particular div element or page section, which makes the snow effect look a lot more realistic than it might otherwise appear. You can also easily add a line of code that will stop the snow effect, in case you'd like to include a button that the user can click if they're not a fan of winter weather. 

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