Converting Your Scripts Into a jQuery Plugin

We feature a lot of plugins on this site, so chances are if you're looking for a particular type of plugin, you'll be able to find that here. Just in case, the following is some code that will help you convert your jQuery scripts into a plugin that can be used by other developers on other sites and projects. If you spend a lot of time writing a particular script to create a functionality, it's definitely worth it to convert that code into a plugin, either for your own future use, for the future use of others, or both.

The basic code to create a plugin is actually very straightforward. Really, all you have to do is create a $.fn object and extend it with your own custom function. Check out the code below:

$.fn.yourCustomPluginName =
// insert your script here
return this;

As you can see, it only takes a few extra lines of code to create your own unique jQuery plugin. When converting your own code into a plugin, make sure your code is clean, organized, and well documented (especially if you intend to make it available for the use of other developers).

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