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Create a Simple Notification Bar on Top of Page Using jQuery

Notification bars on top of a page is a feature to display important messages to catch a website visitor’s attention. There are plenty of plugins available to display notification bars, but it’s not advisable to use a jQuery plugins if the same task can be completed via simple jQuery code, as adding a plugin will […]
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Using the .find() Method to Optimize Selectors

Sometimes trying to use an extra complicated selector with jQuery can slow your code down a bit. If you're trying to use a selector with multiple classes and IDs, for example, things can get a little slow. A nice jQuery trick to avoid this slowing down of your code is to employ the .find() method […]
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Quick Summary of What’s new in jQuery 3.0

jQuery 3.0 is the newest version of jQuery and it’s already out. There are many new features, bug fixes and deprecations of old methods. In this post, find a quick and short summary of some of the newest features and bug fixes. For loop syntax changed jQuery 3.0 introduces new syntax for “for loop”. With […]
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Converting Your Scripts Into a jQuery Plugin

We feature a lot of plugins on this site, so chances are if you're looking for a particular type of plugin, you'll be able to find that here. Just in case, the following is some code that will help you convert your jQuery scripts into a plugin that can be used by other developers on […]
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Create a Simple Back to Top Button with jQuery

We've all seen those handy little "back to top" buttons, the one that usually appear at the bottom of a page once a user starts scrolling that, when clicked, will smoothly return the page back to the top position. Insert the following snippet into your projects to add a back to top button to your […]
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15 jQuery Rating Plugins

In this post, find a compiled list of 15 jQuery based rating plugins to create rating system on your website. These plugins can use icon fonts, images, text or your own logo to create ratings. These plugins display ratings in the form of stars, smileys, bars, like/dislike button and thumb's up/down. These plugins can be […]
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