10 jQuery Plugins to Add Cool Effects

In this post, find a complied list of jQuery plugins to add cool and eye catching effects to your text, images, twitter buttons, shopping cart and any DOM element. You can also add sound effect to any DOM element. These plugins are pretty easy to understand and integrate.

  1. Letter by Letter JS

Letter By Letter JS

Letter by Letter JS is a lightweight (under 1kb minified) jQuery plugin to present text letter by letter on a HTML page. This text can appear as if was just being typed, or it can fade in more gently.

2. easyAudioEffects.js


easyAudioEffects.js is jQuery plug-in. This can give very easy sound effects for any of the elements on your WEB site.

3. cta.js


cta.js or “Call to Animation” is a light-weight performant library to animate any element (“action”) onto any other element (“effect”) on the page.

4. Product Comparison Layout & Effect

Product Comparison Layout & Effect

A basic responsive product grid layout with comparison functionality and a slide-in effect.

5. Discreet Twitter UI

Discreet Twitter UI

A minimal ui/ux concept for twitter buttons allowing hover/tap reveals under an icon.

6. Image Figure Caption Effects

Image Figure Caption

This script transforms any image (<img>) into a HTML5 compliant figure element with a nice caption. It also works on existing figure elements. Choose from 7 different effects to unveil the caption in style. Captions can be dynamically defined or literally inside the figure element. For captions that exceed the height of the image, scrollbars are added to make the hidden portion accessible.

7. ShakeBorder


ShakeBorder is a jQuery plugin to create shake and border effects with many customization to work with.

8. Fly to

Fly To

Fly to is a lightweight jQuery plugin to create add to cart with cool fly effect.

9. jQuery Shakker


jQuery Shakker is a jQuery plugin to give any image a shaking effect.

10.  jQuery Star flashing effect

Star Effect

A tutorial which takes you through about creating stars flashing effect by using jQuery and it is very easy to implement.

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