jQuery Blur Plugins for Creating Blur Effects

jQuery blur plugins enable you to create blur effects for your background images and html elements for your websites. These jQuery blur plugins are lightweight and easy to use and you can easily integrate them to your web pages with few lines of code. So, without further ado lets check out the jQuery Blur Plugins for creating blur effects for your websites.
Enjoy !!

1. Vague.js

Vague.js is an experimental script that allows you to blur any kind of html element. Vague.js checks if the user’s device supports the CSS filters otherwise it can fallback using the SVG filters or the Microsoft css filters.

2. Foggy

Foggy is a jQuery plugin for blurring page elements. It supports IE (8 and up), Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Foggy by default uses the "-webkit-filter: blur" CSS attribute. If the browser doesn't support it, Foggy falls back to a manual blur. It makes several copies of the selected HTML element. It adds transparency to all copies and moves each of them by small amount, thus creating the blur effect.

3. Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert is a jQuery plugin that hides copy and images with a bit of blur. Hint on mouseover, reveal on click.

4. BlurBox

BlurBox is a lightbox which blurs the background. On small screens (<= 480px), a lightbox doesn't make much sense, so the plugin instead switches to a sheet which slides up from the bottom and just darkens the background (no blur).

5. Blurr

jQuery Plugin to create nice blur backgrounds from an image.

6. blur.js

blur.js is a jQuery plugin that produces psuedo-transparent blurred elements over other elements.

7. oblurlay

oblurlay is implement a blur view of iOS7 style with svg and jquery.

8. BlurryBackground

blurry background
BlurryBackground() is a JavaScript application which can be easily included in any website. It allows programmer to create modern-looking blurry backgrounds without need to load large background images. This means you can save even 90% of bandwith intended for blurry background image. It caches blurred images so that the CPU consumption is reduced.

9. Crystal Gallery

crystal gallery
The Crystal Gallery jQuery plugin provides a customizable, one-of-a-kind gallery look to fit all your image presentation needs. Gallery is fully responsive to the user. Aspects of the gallery change to reflect the browser window size for the best impression on any device. Crystal gallery comes with extensive list of flexibility and customization tools including thumbnail positioning and many other settings give you exactly the look you want.

10. Blurry Menu

blurry menu
A blurry menu for all kind of websites. The blur effect is added dynamically and context sensitive to all displayed web-contents like images, texts and even background-images. This script uses existing scripts like html2canvas and Superfast Blur.

Responsive Menu
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