5 Easy jQuery Scrolling Plugins for One Page Websites

As more and more people browse the web on their tablets and mobile devices, web design trends continue to point towards single-page parallax scrolling sites, which seamlessly create a positive user experiences no matter what the screen size. The easiest way to achieve this effect on your site is through the use of a jQuery plugin. In this list you'll find some of the most developer-friendly parallax jQuery plugins available.

fullPage.js image002

Full page is probably one of the more popular parallax scrolling plugins -- and for good reason. This plugin is incredibly easy to use, offers vertical and horizontal scrolling, and was created to work with responsive designs.

Animate Scroll


This plugin is as simple and lightweight as it gets while still including some customization options for scroll speed and scrolling style.



SMINT (an acronym for Sticky Menu Including Navigation Thingy) is a plugin that specializes in making the navigation process smooth for one page websites. Along with parallax scrolling, the plugin also includes a sticky navigation bar that stays fixed to the top of the screen.

Arbitrary Anchor 


Another simple, lightweight plugin will cleanly scroll to any arbitrary anchor on a page.



ScrollMe is a plugin that not only allows for parallax scrolling on your site, but also lets you play around with how some of the page elements appear during scrolling. With ScrollMe, you can scale, rotate, and even change the opacity of html elements, but don't go too crazy -- the more effects being used, the more likely it is that the page's performance will suffer.

Responsive Menu
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