20 Best jQuery Filter and Sort Plugins

Sorting and filtering are very useful if you have large datasets such as table views, however you can also use them for managing list views e.g. for a portfolio page. jQuery filter and sort plugins allow you to control the order, placement, paging and organization of page/ your table elements.

This article includes 20 Best jQuery Filter and Sort Plugins for developers, following plugins come with number of features and let you easily sort and filter data for your web applications. Feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below.

1. Shuffle

Shuffle.js is a jQuery plugin for sorting, filtering, and laying out a group of items. It’s performant, responsive, and fast.

2. Sortable

jQuery Sortable
jQuery Sortable is a flexible, opinionated sorting plugin. It enables items in a list (or table etc.) to be sorted horizontally and vertically using the mouse. Supports nested lists and pure drag/drop containers. jQuery Sortable does not depend on jQuery UI and works well with Twitter's Bootstrap (You can even sort the Bootstrap navigation).

3. HTML5 Sortable

HTML5 Sortable
HTML5 Sortable is a jQuery plugin to create sortable lists and grids using native HTML5 drag and drop API.

4. jQuery DataTables

jquery data tables
jQuery DataTables is a powerful plugin that can sort, page, and filter millions of records.

5. jPList

jPList is a flexible jQuery plugin for sorting, pagination and filtering of any HTML structure. It supports data sources: PHP + MySQL, ASP.NET + Sql Server, PHP + SQLite. It works with JavaScript templates like Handlebars, Mustache etc. jPList supports XML + XSLT. It works in all major browsers. For non-commercial, personal, or open source projects and applications, you may use jPList for free under the terms of the GPL V3 License.

6. Mixitup

MixItUp is a jQuery plugin providing animated filtering and sorting. It is great for managing any categorized or ordered content like portfolios, galleries and blogs, but can also function as a powerful tool for engaging application UI and data-visualisation. MixItUp plays nice with your existing HTML and CSS, making it a great choice for responsive layouts.

7. Tiny Sort

TinySort is a small script that sorts HTMLElements. It sorts by text- or attribute value, or by that of one of it's children. The examples below should help getting you on your way.

8. List.js

List.js is a lightweight cross-browser native JavaScript that makes your plain HTML lists super flexible, searchable, sortable and filterable. Also it's possible to add, edit and remove items by dead simple templating.


jTPS is a datatable jQuery plugin that offers pagination, animated scrolling through pages and intelligent natural sorting capability. The development version is currently 15KB.

10. Columns

Columns is an easy way of creating JSON data into HTML tables that are sortable, searchable, and paginating. All you need is to provide the data, and Columns will do the rest.

11. Quicksand

Quicksand is a jQuery plugin for reordering and filtering items with a nice shuffling animation.

12. Stupid Table

stupid table
This is a stupidly simple, absurdly lightweight jQuery table sorting plugin. As long as you understand basic JavaScript sorting, you can make this plugin do as much or as little as you want.

13. Pour Over

PourOver is a library for simple, fast filtering and sorting of large collections – think 100,000s of items – in the browser. It allows you to build data-exploration apps and archives that run at 60fps, that don’t have to to wait for a database call to render query results.

14. jQuery Sortable Lists

jQquery sortable lists
jQuery Sortable Lists enables you to sort html list also create tree structures by mouse dragging with smooth motion, isAllowed callback or export functions and more.

15. jQuery Sort and Order Portfolio

jQuery Sort and Order Portfolio Plugin
jQuery Sort and Order Portfolio Plugin has number of features such as extendable filter and order buttons, customize css3 driven animation, graceful degradation, optional reverse order, you can set the order button support it or not and many more.

16. Isotope

Isotope is an exquisite jQuery plugin for magical layouts. You can reveal & hide items with filtering and re–order items with sorting. The syntax is very simple, but the layouts can be really dynamic and intelligent. And also, there is progressively enhanced for CSS3 transforms and transitions.

17. Dynatable

Dynatable is a funner, semantic, interactive table plugin using jQuery, HTML5, and JSON. And it’s not just for tables. Dynatable provides a framework for implementing the most common elements out of the box, including sorting, searching and filtering. Above all, Dynatable is a clean and elegant API that is fun to use.

18. Bootstrap Dropdown

Bootstrap Dropdown Filter for jPList
Bootstrap Dropdown Filter is a control for jPList, an open source library for sorting, filtering and pagination. It allows filtering of any HTML structure (DIVs, UL/LI, Tables etc.) by the given jQuery path and uses a standard Bootstrap dropdown component for layout.

19. Table Sorter

table sorter
Tablesorter is a jQuery plugin for turning a standard HTML table with THEAD and TBODY tags into a sortable table without page refreshes. Tablesorter can successfully parse and sort many types of data including linked data in a cell.

20. WaTable

wa table
A swiss army jQuery table plugin with filter, format, paginate and sort your data with ease and lightning speed.

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