Best jQuery Audio Player Plugins

Music and human voice have a remarkable effect on people, especially when they do not expect it, jQuery Audio Players plugins turn out to be handy while developing music related websites or if you want to upload some mp3, audio, or some other type of media file on your websites. These jQuery Audio Player plugins are really useful and you can add them easily with few lines of codes to your web applications and can deliver a better end user experience to your audience.

In this article I have chosen some of the best jQuery Audio Player plugins that will help you to play your favorite music files for your site visitors and also give them entertaining platform.
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1. Toneden SDK

ToneDen   Player
Toneden.js is a pure JS customizable audio player for your SoundCloud. Fully customizable, responsive, and extensible.

2. Uba Player

UbaPlayer is a simple jQuery plugin that plays audio natively in modern browsers and uses Flash where native playback is impossible.The jQuery HTML5 Audio Player with Flash Fallback.

3. Responsive jQuery Audio Player

This is a tiny, lightweight player with a very clear purpose: to play a single audio file. You don’t need complex plugins or ugly Flash players with thousands of useless functions to play that damn audio file.

4. jPlayer

jPlayer is the completely free and open source (MIT) media library written in JavaScript. A jQuery plugin, (and now a Zepto plugin,) jPlayer allows you to rapidly weave cross platform audio and video into your web pages. jPlayer's comprehensive API allows you to create innovative media solutions while support and encouragement is provided by jPlayer's active and growing community.

5. Vimuse

Vimuse HTML5 Media Player is a jQuery plugin that allows you to play both audioand video in a modern and sleek interface. You can choose to play your own self-hosted audio/video files or videos from Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion or even Shoutcast/Icecast streams.

6. Acron Media Player

Acorn Media Player is a HTML5 media player with a focus on accessibility and customization. It comes with full screen support, keyboard access, buffering indicator, audio support, loading indicator and of course it is free and open source.

7. Stratus

Stratus 2 BETA
Stratus is a jQuery powered SoundCloud player that lives at the bottom (or top) of your website or blog. SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform that allows collaboration, promotion and distribution of audio recordings.

8. jQuery Audio

Using Cincopa simple wizard enables you to create and embed a dynamic jQuery audio player within merely a few minutes, even if you have no technical skills. You may add images, album art, menus and playlists to your jQuery music, as well as allow media download, to evolve interaction with users.

9. audio.js

audio.js is a drop-in javascript library that allows HTML5’s audio tag to be used anywhere. It uses native audio where available and an invisible flash player to emulate audio for other browsers. It provides a consistent html player UI to all browsers which can be styled used standard css.

10. OlPlayer

OIPlayer jQuery Plugin is HTML5 audio and video player with fallback to Javascript and Flash. OIPlayer 'attaches' itself to all video and/or audio tags it encounters. Besides the general configuration of the plugin itself, it uses for each individual tag the attributes the respective tag has like poster, width, controls, autoplay etc.

11. jWebAudio

jWebAudio is a JavaScript Web Audio library designed for web games with both jQuery version and standard version. It has number of features such as web audio library, 2d and 3d sound effects, light-weight, and precise audio controls.

12. jQuery Singalong

jquery singalong
jQuery Singalong is a jQuery annotate plugin can add full HTML annotations to HTML5 video or audio elements. It uses the HTML5 media elements API.

13. Blip

blip is a lightweight JavaScript library that wraps the Web Audio API, abstracting away the AudioContext, and simplifying node creation and audio routing. It also provides some extremely powerful and flexible methods for looping and manipulating samples that allow for both temporal precision and musical expressiveness.

14. Wavesurfer.js

Wavesurfer.js is a javascript library to create interactive navigable audio visualization using Web Audio and HTML5 Canvas. With wavesurfer.js you can create a cute HTML5 audio player or a sophisticated DJ application.

15. jMP3

jMP3 (javaScript MP3 player) is an easy way make any MP3 playable directly on most any web site (to those with Flash & javaScript enabled), using the sleek Flash Single MP3 Player & the fantabulous jQuery.

16. Ion.Sound

Ion.Sound is a jQuery plugin for playing sounds on events. Ion.Sound is afreeto use and has cross-browser support. It includes 15 free sounds.

17. Amplitude.js

Amplitude.js is a lightweight javascript library that allows you to control the design of your media controls in your webpage -- not the browser. No dependencies (jQuery not required). Amplitude.js is available under the MIT License.

18. Easy Audio Player

easy audio player
Easy Audio Player it is a powerful HTML5 audio player for your website withresponsive layout and full API spport, it runs with the new HTML5 audio engine and if its not supported, it will use Adobe Flash fallback. Packed with four skins with various styles it can be used in any type of layout and of course the skins can be modified.

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