20 Best jQuery Rating Plugins

As a jQuery lover and development freak I keep looking for new and useful jquery plugins for my readers. If you are a developer and building e-commerce or business sites you cant under estimate the importance of rating system, most websites fall back to the 1-5 star rating but you might customize this to include more stars, less stars, or even build a simpler system. YouTube has even switched to thumbs up/down rating system which seems to work great.

For this roundup I have gathered 20 Best jQuery Rating Plugins which you can integrate in your websites easily and can provide a visually stunning end-user experience to your visitors.

1. jRating

jRating is a very flexible jQuery plugin for quickly creating an Ajaxed star rating system. It is possible to configure every details from "the number of the stars" to "if the stars can represent decimals or not". There is also an option to display small or big stars and images can be changed with any other file easily. Although jRating can be used with any scripting language, a PHP file that handles the requests is already included in the download package on github.

2. jRate

This jquery plugin helps to generate SVG based RATING with various fancy features. Download and include this plugin in your html file.

3. Bootstrap Rating

bootstrap rating
Bootstrap Rating is a jQuery plugin that creates a rating control that uses Bootstrap glyphicons for rating symbols.

4. Starrr

Starrr is lightweight jquery plugin that gives you 1-5 start rating on single click, it is easy to use and can easily integrate in your web application.

5. jQuery Rating Plugins

jquery rating plugin
rating.jquery is a jQuery plugin which turns a input into a fully featured rating element. It enables you to easily allow your users to rate anything with only one line of Javascript. It integrates with HTML5 validation and displays an elegant configurable message. It also uses FontAwesome which enables you to use any of the 439 icons for your widget!

6. Bootstrap Star Rating

Bootstrap Star Rating
A simple yet powerful JQuery star rating plugin for Bootstrap which supports advanced features like fractional star fill and RTL input support. Developed with a focus on utilizing pure CSS-3 styling to render the control. The plugin uses Bootstrap markup and styling by default, but it can be overridden with any other CSS markup.

7. jStarbox

It is quite small, does not produce massive amounts of inline styles and is mostly compatible with existing css for the Prototype Starbox.

8. Fyneworks jQuery Star Rating

fyneworks jquery star rating plugin
The Star Rating Plugin is a plugin for the jQuery Javascript library that creates a non-obstrusive star rating control.

9. Bootstrap Rating Input

Another plugin that eases the generation of rating stars for jQuery and Bootstrap and its lightweight only 2kb.

10. Star Rating

You can reveal pretty rating stars by this plugin. This plugin working fast because there is no user options. Just include and call it. If you would like store votes in a database then you must use callback method. Keep in mind its only beta version.

11. RateThis.js

rateThis is a jquery plugin that allows you to easy create rating functionality for your form.

12. Rateit

Rateit is a fast, progressive enhancement, touch support, customizable rating plugin which is only 2.18 kb when zipped.

13. jQuery Bar Rating Plugin

jQuery Bar Rating Plugin works by transforming a standard select box into a rating widget. It’s only 4kb minified and easy to style with CSS.

14. jQuery. WebRating

It has myriad of features such as use starts, hearts smiles, css based coloring, customized toop tip option, callback functions on click and hover, use cookies to limit clicks per visitor and many more.

15. jSimple Star Rating

jQuery plugin to generate a simple star rating element. Hover, Active, Select, Deselect, Minus. Selected rating stored as data-attribute, server readable if required.

16. Ratemate

Ratemate is a jQuery plugin for ratings. It uses Raphael to draw the symbols, rating is read-only when used on a meter element, using ratemate on an input element whose type is number or range will cause the rating to be controlled by user.

17. jQuery Upvote

jQuery Upvote generates a voting widget like the one used on Stack Exchange sites.

18. Rating

Rating is a super simple jQuery plugin that quickly and easily lets you add a star rating input filed, it’s quick and super simple to use.

19. jQuery UI Rating

jquery ui rating · GitHub
A jQuery plugin that converts HTML5 elements into an interactive rating mechanism. Fully customizable via CSS. Degrades gracefully to regular HTML elements.

20. Rating Plugin for web2py

Rating plugin for web2py · GitHub
It uses jQuery rating plugin.I took an existing plugin available for web2py and added error fixes, more than one rating widget on a page and more.

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