11 Free jQuery Rating Plugins

Developers who are working on a e-commerce platform or an app, know the importance of a rating system. These plugins will help designers to create a cool and customized rater for their page.

1. jRating

Available as a download package on GitHub, jRating comes with its own request handling PHP files. This is one chic Ajaxed star rating system creator which allows designers to customize the number of stars they want or whether to represent the stars in form of decimals. This jQuery plugin allows designers to replace the images with ease and is compatible with all scripting languages.

2. Rating.jQuery

Integrated with HTML5, rating.jQuery allows designers to create rating systems which are made with just a single line of JavaScript command. It comes with FontAwesome so that users can customize their rating system for better feedback from customers.


3. Star Rating

Although it's a beta version, Star Rating is a jQuery plugin which will work for those without a lot of options.  All designers need to do is place the data as input and call in. However, those who choose this option need to use the call back option in case they want to store the votes in their database.

4. jQuery. WebRating

WebRaing is one feature-rich jQuery rating plugin which comes with CSS customizations, top tip, limiting clicks per users, hovering, smile faces, hearts and call back functions to save the votes.


5. Ratemate

Ratemate is a jQuery plugin which creates rating features on a website. The best part of Ratemate is the fact that the users get to control the ratings by the type or the number when it is used in an input as an element. If used on a meter, the ratings become read only. The plugin uses Raphael to draw the symbols.


6. Rating Plugin for Web2py

This jQuery rating plugin has been made by taking a preexisting Web2py plugin and fixing the errors. This has allowed the system to add more than one rating option on a single page along with other cool features.

7. jQuery Bar Rating Plugin

With a size as small as only 4 KB, jQuery Bar Rating Plugin is an awesome rating creator which converts a normal select box into a widget meant for rating. It can also be styled by CSS so that designers can get the desired look on the rater.


8. jRate

Apart from allowing designers to create a rating widget with simple steps and in no time, jRate also allows users to customize the start and end color of their rater, and the shape, height, width. It comes with many more features as well.


9. Rateit

Supported by RTL, ARIA and keyboard, Rateit is a jQuery rating plugin which helps to customize a rater with ease. It allows designers to add as many stars as they desire and is also touch supported.


10. jStarbox

A small yet effective jQuery plugin which is compatible mostly with already existing versions of CSS of Prototype Starbox, jStarbox allows designers to use few inline styling to customize their rater.


11. Fyneworks jQuery Star Rating

Creating an interface which is based on the standard element forms, Fyneworks jQuery Star Rating allows designers to use the standard version of the system even if the JavaScript has been disabled. Compatible with the latest jQuery versions, this rating plugin helps users to turn a bunch of radio boxes into rating widget.


Hopefully, these rating jQuery plugins will help designers to create a rater on their webpage with ease, and in no time, so that they  can get the feedback of customers easily while working on the betterment of a webpage or app.

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