10 Very Useful jQuery Captcha Plugins

We’ve all come across Captcha programs or systems allow web developers to differentiate between the bots, malicious software and humans. Web developers often require the use of jQuery Captcha plugins while creating websites which require form submission. The following are some intriguing examples of Captcha plugins.

1. visualCaptcha

visualCaptcha is one of the most powerful Captcha plugins jQuery has available on the net. It is supported by various web languages like PHP, Ruby and JavaScript. In JavaScript, visualCaptcha can be used as a jQuery plugin or as an Angular JS directive. With supporting mobile and retina devices, this Captcha plugin specializes in simplicity along with security.


2. jQuery Simple Captcha

If you are worried about the various spambots on your computer then this Captcha will be of extra help to you. Just as the name, Simple Captcha helps in the simple and effective implementation and understanding of Captcha. It uses standard XHTML and CSS with just a nominal amount of setups.

3. QapTcha

If web designers are looking for a Captcha that won’t require any kind of text or number that requires to be typed in while the user is trying to unlock something, then QapTcha is the best choice. This plugin is compatible with the jQuery UI and just requires users to drag elements in the form in order to unlock them.

4. jQuery Fancy Draggable Captcha

In most cases the “Are You Human” test is usually comprises of a text or a number which comes in a hazy image and users have to enter the given image into a box in order to pass the test. Not with jQuery Fancy Draggable Captcha. This jQuery Captcha plugin allows users to pass the test by dragging various tiles given into an order.


5. S3 Captcha Plugin

Captchas are often provided to users in the form of barely readable images. This often leaves room for errors. S3 Captcha Plugin allows users to select the right kind of image which is provided in a good quality display.

6. jQuery Real Person

jQuery Real Person allows users to enable and disable a particular Captcha functionality as and when needed. It allows users to enter the text which is available in the form of dots and then the input is compared with that of the server to ensure that the user is  a “real person."


7. EpicCaptcha

The plain old Captcha styles can be boring. For those who need to give a twist to their website, EpicCaptcha is a good choice. This new and advanced version of Captcha allows users to perform the same tasks as that of Captcha but at the same time it also allows them to customize it according to the look of their website for compatibility.


8. MotionCaptcha

For those who want to make their Captcha fun and user friendly, MotionCaptcha might be a great choise. It allows users to draw a particular sketch available on the board in order to submit a particular form. The shape that needs to be drawn appears on the canvas and all users have to do is follow it through.


9. Bootstrap Captcha

Bootstrap Captcha allows designers to use FontAwesome in order to customize their Captcha to make it stylish and chic. At the same time, it's also user friendly.

10. Puzzle Captcha

Solving puzzles has always been fun for both adults and children. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were a Captcha that  allowed users to solve some puzzles in order to pass the “Are You Human” test while submitting a form? Well, Puzzle Captcha will do exactly that. It is fun, interactive and easy to use.


These are the various kinds of jQuery Captcha plugins that are available on the net. While some are fairly common, others are really one of a kind and fun to use.

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