Top 10 Best jQuery Image Slider Plugins

jQuery plugins are becoming more and more useful with their superb features. Most of the plugins are available for free and tutorials are available to learn more about them. Websites are presentations of images to tell a story and to add to this it is very important to display images slideshow or gallery in CSS3. Using jQuery you can easily create CSS Gallery image slider or content sliders. With so many features available image sliders are one of the most important and most needed. They are becoming popular daily and thousands of such sliders are available in jQuery.

These plugins will require some basic tweaking to make a brand new slider and make the website more efficient. You only need to add the Captions, images and effects for the image sliders. Rest code is generated by the query. Image sliders also need to be responsive to gain more readers. Since now maximum surfing is done on mobile the codes need to be responsive to all sizes of screens. This way the readers are not restricted to only one category.

e-Commerce sites need to create attractive websites to gain more clientele. Thus, small features like animation, videos, shadow effects and image sliding is a must have option for their websites. Choosing jQuery Plugins to enhance the website look is a great option.

jQueryare available for image slider plugins. These best jQuery image slider plugins will give you many options for choosing the effects for sliding the image. Some of them also offer video support as well and rotation of banner. The below mentioned jQuery are available free of cost, thus you will not mind trying some of these before the finalising the best effect.

Here are some of my top picks of best jQuery image slider plugins:

1. Master Slider

It is equipped with various unique, touch-enabled slide transitions. It gives the option of selecting the slider layout and performs well on almost all browsers and devices. It also offers animated content.

Useful jQuery Image Slider Plugins

2. Slider Shock

It is a unique jQuery which is super flexible. This means you can display Instagram pictures, youtube videos, clippings, RSS feed images and many others. You can choose styles like Notebook, taxonomy, images with descriptions and size of sliders.


3. Royal Slider

It is an image gallery and content slider plugin. It is not only responsive, but touch friendly too. Its script architecture will allow you to create your own code using the online tool.   The images displayed are SEO friendly and can be displayed in animation for as well.


4. Polaroid Gallery

It is a scattered style gallery where images can be displayed in Polaroid look. It is best for tablets and large displays. It is flat design and had shuffle transition.


5. A-Slider

This is very good to make a slider of different audios. You can specify the duration of each slide and the audio to play. You can put multiple sliders on a single page. You can display not only audios, but images and any other content as well. There is no external dependency except jQuery.


6. Nivo Slider

It is one of the most beautiful and easy to use slider on the market. It is very simple and flexible with the most stunning outputs. It offers beautiful transition effects and automatic image cropping.


7. SlideMe

It is a beautiful and powerful jQuery for image slider. It also offers many transitions, paginations and callbacks.


8. bxSlider

It is fully responsive with touch control. It offers uploading images, audio or videos and various fade modes like horizontal, vertical. It is a small size file, thus fats to load and quite efficiently.


9. SliceBox

It adds a 3D effect to images and introduces a Wow factor. You can include an image description in different containers to increase the SEO practice.


10. Blueberry

It allows customization of various elements like speed, hover, transition etc. It has minimalistic designs and creates crisp websites.



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