30 Best jQuery Image Gallery Plugins

jQuery Image Gallery Plugins allow you to display your images, contents, videos, and pictures on your websites easily. Integrating such plugins to your web applications aint arduous task and these plugins display contents on your websites beautifully and make them to look visually stunning.

For this roundup we have chosen some of the best jQuery Image Gallery plugins which you can easily integrate to your websites to decorate and optimize your websites without much hassle. If you are aware of any other useful jQuery Image Gallery Plugins, let us know by posting a comment below.

Enjoy the list

1. donkeyGallery

donkeyGallery is a simple ajax/php pack to realize dynamical galleries with asynchronous loading. This plugin is ready to use, and it's very simple to install and initialize. You can use it to generate infinite galleries on the same site or page. This pack include alsoFancybox and Easy Paginate plugins.

2. Unite Gallery

unite gallery
The Unite Gallery is multipurpose javascript gallery based on jquery library. It’s built with a modular technique with a lot of accent of ease of use and customization. It’s very easy to customize the gallery, changing it’s skin via css, and even writing your own theme.

3. Expendable Image Gallery

expendable image gallery
An image that expands on click, going full-width and turning into a gallery.

4. jQuery Image Gallery Slideshow

jquery image gallery slideshow
Multimedia gallery with image mouse pan and touch pan for touch supported devices,video (local, youtube, vimeo) and audio players with Flash backups for older browsers.

5. Justified.js

Justified.js is a jQuery plugin that creates a justified image grid of supplied images. Fill all the spaces! This ineffect creates a elegant image gallery with various sizes of images, where all the images of a row to have the same height. Ideally, Justified.js tries to show images without modifying its aspect ratio and without cropping them. But want a disposition of the images without cropping them. But, when limited by the maximum row size it sometimes crop images to fill the grid.

6. jQuery Slide Gallery

jquery slide gallery
jQuery Slide Gallery is fully responsive jQuery gallery plugin which comes with myriad of features such as keyboard support, with youtube and vime videos support, css support and many other.

7. Lighterbox

Lighterbox is a lighterweight and customizable jQuery lightbox gallery plugin. A simple plugin supporting modern mobile and desktop browsers to minimize configuration and hacky code.

8. Smart Grid Gallery

smart grid gallery
Responsive WordPress grid gallery plugin to create dynamic images grids with lightboxes, CSS3 animations and shortcode into dynamic grid gallery with many options. Yes, it is responsive and touch friendly.

9. Fast Gallery

fast gallery
With this awesome plugin you can build your gallery in 1 minute. You have available 5 types of gallery (Prettyphoto, Photobox, Magnificer Popup, Fotorama, Custom URL) using masonry, grid with responsive or fluid layout and more features.

10. SimpleGal

simpleGal is a simple jQuery image gallery plugin. It's easy to use and thumbnails can be vertical / horizontal.

11. jQuery Flipping Gallery

jquery flipping gallery
Flipping Gallery let you create a simple but beautiful 3D flipping gallery using minimal HTML markups and one JS call.

12. nanoGallery

nanoGALLERY is a touch enabled and responsive image gallery with justified, cascading and grid layout. It supports self hosted images and pulling in Flickr, Picasa, Google+ and SmugMug photo albums.

13. Onyx Instagram Gallery

onyx instagram gallery
Onyx is a premium jQuery gallery with smooth hardware accelerated transitions. It helps you easily get photos and data from your Instagram account (or any users* on Instagram) and display them on your website. Onyx features an unfolding preview effect similar to the preview feature on Google Images.

14. jQuery Image Gallery

jquery image gallery
jQuery Image Gallery is an extension to the Dialog component of jQuery UI, to ease navigation between a set of gallery images. It features mouse and keyboard navigation, transition effects, fullscreen mode and slideshow functionality.

15. Balanced Gallery

balanced gallery
Balanced Gallery is a jQuery plugin that evenly distributes photos across rows or columns, making the most of the space provided. Photos are scaled based on the size of the 'container' element by default, making Balanced Gallery a good choice for responsive websites.

16. Bootstrap Image Gallery

bootstrap image gallery
Bootstrap Image Gallery is an extension to blueimp Gallery, a touch-enabled, responsive and customizable image & video gallery. It displays images and videos in the modal dialog of the Bootstrap framework, features swipe, mouse and keyboard navigation, transition effects, fullscreen support and on-demand content loading and can be extended to display additional content types.

17. Dysania Grid Gallery

Dysania Grid Gallery is a responsive wordpress portfolio & gallery plugin. It is not only an image gallery plugin. It also supports videos,iframes and internal/external links.

18. jGallery

jGallery is a customizable jQuery photo gallery with albums and preloader.

19. Blueimp Gallery

blueimp gallery
blueimp Gallery is a touch-enabled, responsive and customizable image & video gallery, carousel and lightbox, optimized for both mobile and desktop web browsers. It features swipe, mouse and keyboard navigation, transition effects, slideshow functionality, fullscreen support and on-demand content loading and can be extended to display additional content types.

20. Metro

METRO – WordPress Grid Portfolio, a WordPress Plugin that shows your portfolio in an interactive way. You can display a single gallery, all galleries within a category and all galleries from multiple categories. Additionally, the plugin supports: Custom image size (percent), Custom link, Video, SoundCloud, Metro UI item, Unlimited colors and much more.

21. Touch Image Gallery

touch image gallery
Touch Image Gallery is a simple image gallery that caters to mobile and desktop browsers alike, by being touch/swipe friendly, in addition to the traditional way of navigating.

22. Flip Gallery

flip gallery
flipGallery is a free jQuery powered photo gallery with sleek flipping transitions between thumbnails and lightbox enlargements. Other features include dynamic image streaming, auto pagination, auto cropping and transparent image overlay. It only takes a few minutes to set-up and the layout, speed, co-ordination and text can easily be modified in the settings.

23. College Plus

CollagePlus is jQuery plugin that arrange your images to fit exactly within a container. You can define the padding between images, give the images css borders and define a target row height.

24. Zoom Script

zoom script
ZoomScript allows you to view your web gallery on any mobile device as in native photo app. You can browse photos by swiping your finger on the touchscreen. It works in both modes portrait and landscape. We have also added an extra thumbnail bar which will show after tap on the screen.

25. Awesome Gallery

awesome gallery
Awesome Gallery was built to help you building nice looking galleries using images pulled from various sources, like posts, attachments, pages, custom post types including WooCommerce products, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, 500px albums, NEXTGEN Gallery, and even RSS feeds.

26. Galereya

Galereya is responsive, easily customizable jQuery gallery with a masonry layout. Almost all animation and effects are based on CSS features. Works on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera(turned off some CSS animations), IE7+(Graceful degradation), Android browser, Chrome mobile, Firefox mobile, Safari on iOS and etc.

27. jQuery Visage

jQuery Visage
jQuery Visage provides a stable, robust, styleable, customizable (you can reprogram many aspects of its behavior) and clean way to display a series of images in a lightbox-likeway. Plugin is customizable through provided configuration options and API hooks.

28. kGallery

kGallery is a gallery written on jQuery library. Advantage of this gallery is ability to work stable with hundreds of pictures or with big pictures, without freezing browser. This effect is achieved by retrieving the list of images from external source (JSON or XML) and downloading pictures gradually until slideshow is playing, not all in ones.

29. Gallerie

Gallerie is a jQuery plugin that offers a basic lightbox-like gallery viewer of a collection of images.
It features a simple overlay with a scrollable thumbnail list, image loading hint, as well as an image caption and index. The overlay thumbnails automatically scroll with the user's mouse and can be activated by click or custom event.

30. FullScreen Background/Gallery

fullscreen backgrounds & galleries
This jQuery plugin can be used as Full Screen Multimedia Background, Full Screen Multimedia Gallery and Full Width Multimedia Slider with both Images and Videos.

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